How to Reset Huawei OLT MA5600T Series Equipment Password?

After using the Huawei OLT MA5600T series, the user might change the default users name and password. What should we do if we forget the password of user root? In this article, we’ll introduce three methods to teach you how to reset Huawei OLT MA5600T series equipment password.

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Method 1: Load the empty database matched the device through DoS. After restarting the device, log in to the system by using the default root password: admin (OLT) or mduadmin (MDU). This method will lead to loss of data configurations and the user needs to configure the data again.

Method 2: Modify the configuration file using the U2000.

1.  On the U2000, choose Administration > NE Security Management > LCT User Management from the main menu.

U2000 login.jpg

2. On the LCT User Management tab page, select NE User and then Device Type. Select the desired device name from the Device Name column and users name from the Name column. In the displayed dialog box, choose Set Password to set the new password.


This method does not require a device restart or services are not interrupted.

Method 3: If the device is managed by the NMS, modify the configuration file on the NMS as follows:

1. Back up the configuration file of the device on the NMS.

2. Open the configuration file and find out the record of changing the root password, as shown in boldface in the following display.

[MA5600V800R0013: 6888] 
terminal user name buildrun_new lww231 *[)!AAYS*Y&aU86K;V-a@AUA!!* 1 2015:06:04
:17:07:25 2015:06:04:17:07:25 root 2 6 ----- 
terminal user name buildrun_new bmsmpls *[4P]`OUIa%=[G]0U3=OWJY1!!* 0 2015:06: 
08:15:01:02 2015:06:08:15:01:02 root 3 65535 ----- 
adsl mode switch-to ADSL 
vdsl mode switch-to normal

3.Delete the boldface part and then save the configuration file.

4.Load the modified configuration file to the system through the NMS and activate the configuration file.

5.Log in to the device by using the default root password: admin (OLT) or mduadmin (MDU)

After this article, I believe that you have mastered how to reset Huawei OLT MA5600T series equipment password. You can use any of the three methods, and the most recommended one is method 2. If you have any other questions, please kindly contact our support team:

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