How to Resolve Incompatibility Between Huawei GPON and XG-PON ONTs When They Share the Same ODN?

PON terminals are greatly faster than xDSL/LAN terminals and are the mainstream choice for home users. With network development, GPON ONT like Huawei HG8245H HG8010H HG8546M cannot meet the needs of some home users, so XG-PON ONT HN8245Q HN8546Q become more and more popular. But when GPON and XG-PON ONTs share the same ODN, there would be incompatibility problem. This article represents you a solution for this problem.

GPON Development.png


Table 1 describes the Tx and Rx wavelengths of GPON an XG-PON ONTs.

Table 1 Tx and Rx wavelengths


Downstream Direction

Upstream Direction


Center wavelength: 1490 mm

Wavelength range: 1480-1500   mm

Center wavelength: 1310 mm

Wavelength range: 1290-1330   mm


Center wavelength: 1577 mm

Wavelength range: 1575-1580   mm

Center wavelength: 1270 mm

Wavelength range: 1260-1280   mm

From wavelengths of XG-PON (asymmetric system with upstream rate 2.5 Gbit/s and downstream rate 10 Gbit/s) and GPON ONTs, if they share the same ODN, GPON ONTs (Table 2 lists compatibility) in the earlier stage require wavelength block filter (WBF) for downstream isolation because they are in poor performance in downstream optical signal isolation from XG-PON ONTs. Otherwise, packet loss or even disconnection may occur caused by signal interference. Therefore, the WBF needs to be added on the ONT or optical splitter.


The WBF is added on the optical splitter for GPON ONTs that are incompatible with XG-PON ONTs sharing the same ODN. Specifically,

·     Male and female connectors.

·     Can be externally connected to the SC/UPC (Shown in the following figure) or AC/APC connector.

Figure 1 SC/UPC connector

SC/UPC connector.png

Figure 2 and Figure 3 show specific solutions for live networks.

Figure 2 ONTs of different types are connected to the same optical splitter

ONTs connected to optical splitter.png


Figure 3 Only early-stage GPON ONTs are connected to the same optical splitter

early-stage ONTs connected to optical splitter.png

Table 2 lists compatibility between GPON ONTs and XG-PON ONTs.


  • The time in Compatibility is calculated from the ONT replacement. Detailed markets and BOM codes needed to be queried.

  • For details, collect the ONT SN and provide it to the Huawei technical support engineer for querying.

Table 2 Compatibility between GPON    ONTs and XG-PON ONTs




Supported from the delivery   in June 2012.


Supported from the delivery   in January 2011.


Not supported.


Supported from the delivery   in June 2011.


Supported from the delivery   in January 2011.


Replaced from June 2010.





Replaced from June 2010.




Supported by all models.


User-side rate of a Huawei 10G PON ONT can reach up to 1000 Mbit/s, meeting requirements of home users on bandwidth-hungry services such as 4K/8K HD video, AR/VR, home cloud, and video calls. It can also provide private line access services of up to 10 Gbit/s. But at present, GPON ONT has not been totally replaced; GPON ONT and XG-PON ONT are both chosen and can share a same ODN after incompatibility problem solved according to above solution.


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