Huawei Low-end Switches Boot Upgrade For BOOTROM

Huawei switches are one of Huawei's most important network products, which are divided into many series, such as S2700 series, S3700 series and S5720 series etc. During the using, how to upgrade BOOTROM of low-end switches, S2700 series, S3700 series etc.? This article will tell you how to do it.

1. Networking and demand information


a. Networking demand

Connect PC and Switch with console cable; Use the internet cable to connect PC with the Ethernet port of switches.

b. Configuration conditions

Using local BOOTROM program of PC to upgrade the BOOTROM of switches.

Setup FTP or TFTP server in the local PC, it is convenient for the file to transfer.


2. Function implementation steps

In the BOOTROM menu upgrade, please turn into the BOOTROM menu when switches just restart (This article only uses a version as example, this method is adjusting to other versions).

Firstly, connect configuration line well, and make the switch configuration view can be seen on the monitor console of PC, Baud rate is generally for 9600, but some models are slightly different.


a. Restart the switch

Restart the switch.png 

Restart the switch.png 

Please press <Ctrl + B> to enter BOOTROM Menu, when appear above tips, then verify password. Please pay attention, if you miss this view, you will need to restart the switch again, or it can't enter the BOOTROM Menu, because it has entered the process of decompression operation.

b. Enter the BOOTROM menu

Now, you need to enter your BOOTROM password, factory settings without password, please press enter directly. If the BOOTROM password has been set, please enter the password, which you set. If input wrong three times, the system will extract the program, then restart to enter the menu, and verify the password.

c. Enter the BOOT upgrade menu

Enter the BOOT upgrade menu.png 

After enter this tip, please press <Ctrl + U>, then press the enter, entering BOOTROM software upgrade menu.

d. Select File Transfer mode

Select File Transfer mode.png 

Here, need to choose the FTP file transfer.

e. Upgrade BOOTROM

Upgrade BOOTROM.png 


Configure the IP address of switch and FTP server and configure account/password, then download the data file.

 Data file.png 


When the above success message appears, the data is loaded successfully and the system will enter the BOOTROM menu.


f. Restart the equipment

Restart the equipment.png 

When appear this menu option, select 0 and restart the system.

So far, Huawei low-end switches BOOTROM upgrade has been completed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact at: [email protected]

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