Huawei OSN 3500 System Test Procedure

When talking about requirement, it is always critical, like network extension, failed board replacing, enterprise customer private line interconnection…If you buy a product and receive it after a week, but find out that the product does not work properly, that will be extremely upset and bring more troubles.

Therefore, purchasing a tested product from a qualified supplier should be the first priority issue over than price. In this document, we will show you how tests SDH equipment product boards.

Test procedure of SDH equipment are all the same. So, in this article, we will use Huawei OSN 1500B to do the test.

Huawei OptiX OSN1500B

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1. We choose Huawei OSN 1500B in our TESTbed;

2. Connect computer and the ETH port on OSN 1500B by an ETH cable;

3. Add an IP address on PC Ethernet card,;

4. Open Navigator, search the IP address of Huawei OSN 1500B, then login Navigator. Use command :ver to check the NE ID of the Huawei OSN 1500B;

Command :ver pic.jpg

For example, the NE ID of this OSN 1500B is 9-258.

5. Run the :cm-set-gateway: command to set up gateway;

6. In Navigator, you can use below 4 commands to obtain specific information of each board, (12 is slot ID), (Boards information can also be obtained in U2000);





So far, by Navigator, we checked and tested board version, manufacture information, but the command mode is not easy to read for all customers. Here, we would like to introduce the test method by U2000.

7. Close Navigator, delete the IP address ‘’. Unplug the ETH cable which connected to the computer, then connect it to a Huawei Switch.

8. Open the U2000 client, double click Main Topology to enter the topology and right click to add a new NE;

Enter the Main Topology.jpg

Add a new NE.jpg

9. Create NE window pops up. Fill in the NE ID and choose Gateway for Gateway type.

10. Enter password. Click OK.

Enter password.jpg

11. After a few seconds, a new icon of Huawei OSN 1500B equipment appears on the screen;

12. Double click the new icon NE(9-258), select Upload; Huawei OSN 1500B successfully added on U2000 when upload was completed.

Double click the new icon NE(9-258).jpg

Select Upload pic.jpg

After the equipment is successfully added on U2000, alarms will appear on the U2000 if boards have compatibility problem, quality problem, etc. But for the service board, the R_LOS alarm is normal when optical modules on the service board are not connected by optical fiber.

Alarm pic.jpg

We also need to check every optical modules’ TX power via Board Manufacturer Information.

Board Manufacturer Information.jpg

Therefore, care must be taken when purchasing SDH service boards. In addition to the visual inspection, the board needs to be inserted into the device to inspect the optical module before purchase.

Huawei SDH system is very important part in the Internet transmission layer, any failure or malfunction of hardware, will cause even more loss. By view of this, tests of system compatibility and SDH board are indispensable. To guarantee customers’ benefits, we will do a comprehensive test for SDH system as above procedures, which realizes plug-and-play in a real sense. If you have any questions about any of the above steps, please feel free to contact us at

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