Huawei OSN 8800 Upgrade Guide

The OptiX OSN 8800, OSN 6800, and OSN 3800 support two upgrade modes: software package loading mode and software package diffusion mode. Each mode applies to a different networking scenario. Selecting the proper upgrade mode ensures optimal upgrade performance.

All firmware should be provided by the client and obtained from legally authorized way.

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In this article, we will introduce how to upgrade the OSN 8800 by the package loading mode.

Tools, Equipment, and Materials


Software package (Download the package and save it into D Drive)


Step 1. Check NE login status before the downgrade

a.In NE Login Management, the ‘NE Login Status’ needs to be ‘Yes’.

If the NE Login Status is ‘No’, we need to log in again, the default user is root, password is Changeme_123

b.In DC Login User Management, login as ‘User: szhw’ and ‘Password: Changeme_123’

After login in successfully, we can start the software downgrade.

Step 2. Creating an Update Task

a.Choose Administration > NE Software Management >NE Upgrade Task Management

b.On the NE View tab page, create an upgrade task for the NE to be upgraded.


If using the software package loading mode, choose New Task > Package Upgrade/Downgrade Task 

If using the software package diffusion mode, choose New Task > Package Diffusion Upgrade Task

When using the software package loading mode, each task should contain no more than six NEs to ensure stable upgrade performance

c. In the upcoming dialog box, define the task name and set the corresponding NE Type and NE Version. In the NE Table area, select the check box before the desired NE. Then click Next.

d.Operation configuration

Select the target version, and then click Configure Activation >Get Default Activation>OK

Step 3. Start the upgrade task

During the upgrade, the overall upgrade progress is displayed.

Confirm that the upgrade is complete. After all the preceding upgrade steps are performed, check whether the Operation State field for each operation displays Success.

So, above is the whole procedure to upgrade the OSN 8800. Hope can help you out. Regarding the software package and U2000 acquisition, please contact us at

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