Huawei S7700 Switch Battle


S7700 can function as a high-density modular access switch, or can work as a core or aggregation switch in a medium-or large-sized campus network.


PN: 02113306

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•In high-density access scenarios that do not have high requirements on the number of ports, S7703 can be chosen.

•In aggregation and core scenarios that require high port density, S7706/7712 can be selected.

•If PoEis required, S7703/S7706 PoEmodels are recommended. They support 60 W onall ports.

Huawei Switch S7703 S7706 S7712
Number of service slots 3 6 12
Per-slot bandwidth (bidirectional) 640 Gbps Up to 720 Gbps*
Forwarding performance 1440 Mpps 2880 Mpps
Port type GE/10GE/100GE (auto-sensing 40GE)
Reliability VRRP Clustering
Number of independent fans 1 2
Switch fabric None Integrated SRUand SFU
Integrated wireless access controller(WAC) Yes,managing up to 1K APs Yes,managing up to 4K APs

Abundant ports
GE (optical + electrical), 10GE, and 100GE ports

High reliability
Hot swap of SRUs (including SFUs), power modules, and fan modules

VXLAN networking and free mobility supported

Wired and wireless convergence
Integrated WAC, managing up to 4K APs

Competitive Switch Comparison by Model

Huawei Cisco HPE (Aruba)
S7703 C9404 5406
S7706 C9407 5412/6405
S7712 C9410 6410

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