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Intelligent Transport Platform for Integrated OTN/WDM/SDH

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Huawei WDM / OTN Network

Huawei’s WDM/OTN intelligent optical transport solution is widely applicable to the backbone core layer, metro core layer, metro aggregation layer, and metro edge access layer along with Data Center Interconnect (DCI) scenarios. Huawei continuously ranks No. 1 in the global optical network market, 100+G high rate market, backbone WDM market, and metro WDM market.

Thunder-link.com dedicated in Huawei WDM device for about 10 years, including OSN8800 OSN6800 OSN1800 and full series OAU/OBU, Mux/Demux, 100G 40G 10G boards at client-side and WDM-side. Not only hardware, also firmware upgrade, technical support, transmission network solution we can provide. Additionally before delivery, we will test all device and boards via U2000 or Navigator, to ensure our customer receive cargo without any problem.

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OSN 8800

Huawei OSN 8800 is mainly deloyed on backbone networks, with large capacity OTN grooming and ROADM, performs 40G/100G transmission.

OSN 6800

OSN 6800, 10G/40G leval cross-connect capacity, normally for metro and aggragation points. With fast provisioning, simple OAM connect and play features.

OSN 8800 T16

  • With 16 cards slots
  • Provides 4/9-degree ROADM
  • Supports 32k ARP table
  • Provides 1.6T ODUk 640 G VC4 & 20 G VC3 & VC12, 800 G Packet
  • Supports 40G/100G bandwidth

OSN 8800 T32

  • Provides 2/4/9-degree ROADM
  • Provides 3.2 T ODUk, 1.28 T VC4 & 80G VC3 & VC12, 1.6 T Packet
  • Supports 40G/100G bandwidth


  • With 14 cards slots
  • Provides 4/9-degree ROADM
  • Provides GE/ODU1/2/Any, L2 switch on VLAN, Stack VLAN
  • Supports 10G/40G bandwidth
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OSN 1800

Huawei OptiX OSN 1800 series includes OSN 1800 V, OSN 1800 II, OptiX OSN 1800 II E, OSN 1800 I E, and OSN 1800 I. OSN 1800 integrates both WDM and OTN features, and implements the unified transmission of various services at the metro network edge, including broadband, private line, and mobile services. It supports the access of all services at data rates between 2 Mbit/s and 100 Gbit/s, unified switching of OTN/SDH/PKT services, and automatic commissioning at the optical layer.

OSN 1800 V

  • 1-degree to 9-degree ROADM
  • Supports up to 700G OTN capacity
  • Supports 700G packet capacity
  • Supports 280G SDH higher-order capacity
  • 40G SDH lower-order capacity
  • 200 Gbit/s Max rate per channel

OSN 1800 I Enhanced

  • 1U height, with 2 service slots
  • 1-degree to 9-degree ROADM
  • Supports up to 40G OTN capacity
  • Supports 120G packet capacity
  • Supports 42.5G SDH higher-order capacity, and 5G SDH lower-order capacity
  • 10 Gbit/s Max rate per channel

OSN 1800 II Enhanced

  • 1-degree to 9-degree ROADM
  • Supports up to 200G OTN capacity
  • Supports 160G packet capacity
  • Suppots 50G SDH higher-order capacity, and 20G SDH lower-order capacity
  • 200 Gbit/s Max rate per channel

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