Instruction of Erasing Huawei MA562X ONU Existed Data and Converting it into a Switch

As themainstream of FTTB and FTTC equipment, Huawei MA562X series ONU like MA5626 24*FE, 16*FE and 8*FE account for half in the market, so all of these ONUs have a high utilization rate. You need wipe out the existed data and reconfiguration ifyou relocate them; and if the optical module or upstream module of the ONU breaks down, using it as a switch is a good utilization plan, in the case of inconvenient for returning factory to repair. Then how to eliminate MA562X ONU historical data and make it work as a switch? Please follow as below contents.

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Preparation conditions:

Connect PC and Huawei ONU MA5626 with a console cable, logo in MA5626 through HyperTerminal or CRT.


When log in MA5626, set standard of serial port as below:

serial port.png

MA5626 version requirement:

The software system must be V8R308 or later version, otherwise converting a MA5626 into a switch is not feasible.

1. Log in and eliminate MA5626 existed data

MA5626 data.png

MA5626 default account and password is root andmduadmin.

Input “enable” to enter the privileged mode

input “config” to enter the configuration mode, execute command “erase flash data”, input “y” , then the data will be cleared, at last “reboot system”.

MA5626 cofig.png

After MA5626 restarted, you can check whether all data cleared successfully or not through “display current-configuration”.


Please backup the previous configuration or record it, if you are not ensuring that the previous configuration is useless. Otherwise the data cannot be recovered once cleared.

2. Covert the ONU into switches

2.1 Open the VLAN service template layer2 activity functions

Under factory default setting, MA5626 user-bridging status is disable, you need to access the WLAN template under the configuration mode to open the layer2 connectivity function.

Covert MA5626 into switch.png

Covert MA5626 into switch.png

As shown as above figure, the VLAN service module user-bridging is enabled after opening the layer2 activity function.

2.2 Bind the VLAN and VLAN business template

Input the following command to bind VLAN 1 and VLAN business template which is modified in step 2.1.

MA5626 config.png

2.3 Mass Increase business virtual interface

MA5626 config.png

multi-service-port vlan 1 port 0/1 1-8 user-vlan untagged rx-cttr 6 tx-cttr 6


MA5626 0 frame, 1 slot (frame id/slot id), 1-8 port all added to the vlan 1 at the inside, without distinction of family VLAN, send and receive packets are not limited for the speed.

All operations for converting ONU MA5626 into a switch have been completed, and now MA5626 to be as a switch can be verified. If failed verification, please check andanalyze the reason, then alter check the operation or restart the equipment to recover the previous status, and configure again. When all ports on MA5628 can interflow, please refer to below figure to save the alteration data.

save MA5626 data.png

When configuration preservation completed, converting MA5626 to a switch is accomplished. If you need a deeper level of change, please refer to MA5626 documentation or contact our technical support team.

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