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Is OMCI Function Mandatory for ONT to Be Remotely Managed?

As we know, there are many ways of managing ONT remotely and it is necessary to check ONT status or alarm without knocking on the user’s door. Generally, you can use the following methods to perform remote access to GPON ONT:

Method 1: Via OLT OMCI Protocol

The GPON OLT controls the ONT remotely using the OMCI. The OMCI protocol allows the OLT to:

  • Establish and release connections with the ONT.
  • Manage the UNIs on the ONT.
  • Request configuration information and performance statistics.
  • Autonomously inform the system administrator of events, such as link failures.

However, this method needs the private command line of the manufacturer, thus generally it can only be used with the ONT of its own brand. In addition, the command line is not easy to master, which need to be performed by a professional engineer.


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Method 2: Via remote WAN access

This method requires that the ONT supports and opens the HTTP port on the WAN side. Then the administrator can access the ONT management page and configure the wan connection, PPPOE and wifi, and other functions by remotely accessing the IP address of the ONT WAN connection.

But there are some requirements:

  • ONT itself supports the function of WAN Side IP remote login.
  • Each user needs to set an independent and non-repeating IP address, which is required to be manually set and corresponding to the user ID, leading to a heavy workload if there are large subscribers users.

In essence, this method is similar to using LAN IP to login to the ONT web page, just changing into WAN IP remote login.

That’s to say, remote WAN access ONT is a rather low-level and less-efficient ONT management way.

Method 3: Via TR069 ACS Server

It needs to build a TR069 ACS server, and then manage the ONT through the TR069 protocol, and can configure the wan connection, PPPOE, wifi, etc at a professional and simple level.

More importantly, some R069 ACS servers can provide easy setup/provision with a simple graphical interface.

The most advantage of this method is walking around ONT brand restrictions, choosing cost-efficient 3rd brand ONTs to save network CapEx.

Therefore, managing ONT via TR069 is currently used by China’s three operators and many global internet service providers due to its efficiency and simplicity.

Below is an instance of enabling the remote management via TR069 ACS Server.

Step 1: Create a WAN Connection on ONT (Routing+Vlan 507+DHCP):

  • In the navigation tree on the left, choose WAN > WAN Configuration. In the pane on the right, click New. In the dialog box that is displayed, set Parameters as shown below:

  • Click Apply.
  • ONT should receive the IP through DHCP after this step. Check Status at System Information > WAN Information. In the pane on the right, you can view the status of the WAN interface.

Step 2: Next Configure TR069 settings for Remote Management from ACS:

  • In the navigation tree on the left, choose System Tools > TR-069. In the pane on the right, set the parameters related to the interconnection between the ONT and the TR-069 server

  • Click Apply.

As managing ONT by TR069 method can avoid ONT brand restriction of the manufacturers, its a good idea to choose cheaper and similar specifications 3rd brand ONTs. We’d like to recommend some hot-selling and quality 3rd brand ONTs models to you, tested compatible with Huawei OLT MA5600T MA5800 series and ZTE OLT C300 / C600 series.

OLT Models Tested Compatible ONTs
MA5608T, MA5683T, MA5680T

MA5800 X2MA5800 X7, MA5800 X15, MA5800 X17

C320, C300

C620, C650, C600

2.4G WIFI ONT: TT919G5, TT919G7,  TT969GHi8141A5

2.4G/5G WIFI ONT: F670

Dual-Band CATV WIFI ONT: F668V

If any questions regarding ONT remote management ways or any technical problems, please contact our professional and experienced team:

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