License Troubleshooting on WLAN devices

Today we are talking about the main troubleshooting of licenses on Huawei WLAN devices.

License Fails to Be Activated

If an error message is displayed when you run the license active file-name command to activate a license file, rectify the fault based on below table:

Table 1 Possible causes and solutions for rectifying license file activation failures
Error Message Possible Cause Solution
Error: Invalid file name. The file name extension must be .dat The extension of the license file name is invalid. The extension of a license file name must be .dat. Apply for or purchase a new license file.
Error: The specified file does not exist or is illegal. The license file does not exist. Upload the license file to be activated.
Info: File has been actived before! The license file has been activated. You need not activate the license file again.
Info: License file validation failed. The license file fails to be verified. Apply for or purchase a new license file.
Info: License File with ESN or Version mismatch cannot be activated repetitively. The ESN or version number in the license file does not match that of the device. Apply for a correct license file that matches the ESN and software version of the device.
Info: License File expired. The license file has expired. Apply for a new valid license file.
No product features present in LK.

No product features present in License File.

The license file does not contain the entitlement items supported by the device. Apply for or purchase the correct license file.

License Alarms Are Generated

If a license alarm is generated, handle the alarm based on the below table:

Table 2 Possible causes and solutions for handling a license alarm
License Alarm Message Possible Cause Solution
GTL/4/DEFAULTVALUE:OID [OID] Current license value is default, the reason is [OCTET1], main board name is [OCTET2]. Authentication of the license file failed. 1.       Check whether the license file name entered when you activate the license is correct. If not, enter the correct license file name and activate the license again.

2.       Collect alarms, logs, and configurations, and then contact technical support personnel.

GTL/4/RESOURCE_USEDUP:OID [OID] Resource item [hwGtlResourceItem] is nearly used up. The usage percentage of service resources reached or exceeded the threshold defined by the license. 1.       Apply for a new license file with sufficient resources.

2.       Run the license activefile-name command to activate the new license file.

GTL/4/NEARDEADLINE:OID [OID] License feature [OCTET1] is near deadline, remain time is [INTEGER] days, main board name is [OCTET2]. The license was approaching the deadline and soon would become invalid. 1.  Apply for a new license file before the deadline.

2.       Run the license active file-name command to activate the new license file.

GTL/4/NOTCOMMERCIAL:OID [oid] Current license is not commercial. A non-commercial license is used. This alarm is generated when you log in to the device or activate the license. Delete the current non-commercial license and activate a commercial license.
GTL/4/EMERGENCYSTART:OID [OID] License emergency is started. The license is in emergency state after you run the license emergency command. The alarm is informational only, and no action is required.
GTL/4/EMERGENCYSTOP:OID [OID] License emergency is stopped after 7 days. The validity period of the emergency state expires. The alarm is informational only, and no action is required.

An Excess-Capacity License Is Activated


If you have obtained an excess-capacity license, the number of APs supported by the license exceeds the required number. For example, a license supports 512 APs while only 384 APs are required. In this case, you can split the license as required.

License File Damage or Loss

After a license file is activated on a device, the license file cannot be deleted manually.

<HUAWEI> delete /u license.datError: flash:/license.dat cannot be deleted, because it may be a system file.

If the license file is damaged or lost, follow the license application process to redownload the license file, and load and activate it.

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