MA5600T series 10G GPON Feature Glance



10G GPON is an ITU-T G.987.x & G.988 -compliant point-to-multipoint (P2MP) passive optical network technology, which is developed based on ITU-T G.984.x (GPON).


OLT: Optical Line Terminal               ODN: Optical Distribution Network       ONU: Optical Network Unit

UNI: User-to-network Interface       SNI: Service Node Interface                    CPE: Customer Premises Equipment


As services continue to develop, carriers are posing higher requirements on service transmission distance, bandwidth, reliability, and operating expense (OPEX).

Supporting GPON for Smooth Network Evolution

OLT supports both GPON and 10G GPON ONUs. These ONUs share one ODN network, supporting smooth network evolution from GPON to 10G GPON.

Providing High Bandwidths

10G GPON supports high bandwidths.

The maximum downstream rates 9.95G bit/s.

The maximum upstream rates 2.48G bit/s.

Featuring High-density Access

10G GPON supports the maximum split ratio of 1:128. 10G GPON enables each port to connect to more ONUs for high-density application scenarios.


10G GPON networking is the same as GPON networking and applies to FTTx networks.

Technical Specifications


The following table lists technical specifications comparison between GPON and 10G GPON.




 Wavelength Range  

Downstream:1480–1500 nm


 Downstream:1575–1580 nm

Upstream: 1260–1360 nm


 Upstream: 1260–1360 nm
 Center Wavelength  

Downstream: 1490 nm


 Downstream: 1577 nm

Upstream: 1310 nm


 Upstream: 1270 nm
 Line Rate  

Downstream: 2.48 Gbit/s


 Downstream: 9.95 Gbit/s

Upstream: 1.25 Gbit/s


 Upstream: 2.48 Gbit/s

Frame Structure



Encapsulation Type




Network Planning


10G GPON supports smooth network evolution from GPON to 10G GPON using either of the following evolution modes:

Evolution mode 1: pure 10G GPON network

Install 10G GPON service boards in an OLT and connect to 10G GPON ONU construct a pure 10G GPON FTTx network.

Only one type of NEs (10G GPON devices) are used, simplifying network maintenance.

Evolution mode 2: hybrid networking with the ODN network shared

Install 10G GPON service boards in an OLT and connect to 10G GPON ONU; Added WDM1r (passive wavelength multiplexing device) device on the ODN to multiplex wavelengths;

10G GPON and GPON NEs share an ODN use different service wavelengths.

The GPON and 10G GPON services share one ODN network.

Various NEs (10G GPON and GPON devices) are used, complicating network maintenance.

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