MA5600T Series Equipment Aggregate Docking Cisco Equipment

When Huawei MA5600T series equipment aggregate docking Cisco equipment, might encounter some problems, such as occurs alarm, business interruption etc., how to solve these problems? This article will tell us how to do.

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A client reported before, use MA5600T series equipment, after configuring LACP – static link-aggregation, docking with the Cisco 6500 equipment, occurs alarm, business interruption. Detail information as follows:

MA5600T(config)#link-aggregation 0/17 0-1egress-ingress work mode lacp-static 
MA5600T(config)#display link-aggregation all 
Master port    link-aggregation mode   Port NUM        Work mode 
0/17/0         egress-ingress                 2        lacp-static 

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Total: 1 link-aggregation

MA5600T(config)#link-aggregation 0/17 0-1 egress-ingress work mode lacp-static 
! EVENT MAJOR 2015-09-1 13:42:03 
ALARM NAME :Port is forbidden to transfer the service packets 
PARAMETERS :Frame ID: 0, SlotID: 17, Port ID: 0 
! EVENT MAJOR 2015-9-1 13:42:03 
ALARM NAME :Port is forbidden to transfer the service packets 
PARAMETERS :Frame ID: 0, Slot ID: 17, Port ID: 1


1. The light path problem screening: check upstream board GICF and Cisco switches on both ends are forced to 1000m, full duplex, light mouth also normal, up eliminate the light path problem.


2. MA5600T uplink mouth data configuration problem screening: after removing polymerization, single normal line of business on the road. Eliminate MA5600T uplink data configuration problem.

3. LACP configuration problem screening: configuration aggregation, not run LACP protocol.

MA5600T(config)#link-aggregation 0/17 0-1 egress-ingress 
MA5600T(config)#display link-aggregation all 
Master port    Link-aggregation mode   Port NUM        Work mode 
0/17/0         egress-ingress                 2        manual 


Note: LACP static LACP system operation at the ends of the Link Aggregation Group (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) Protocol, the manual system is not running at the ends of the Link Aggregation Group LACP Protocol. At this point, the business is normal, to judge the problem on the LACP protocol and docking.


4. Opposite end Cisco 6500 configuration problem screening.

a. Cisco 6500 support PAGP and LACP protocol, the default is to use PAGP, began to suspect that the configuration is the default PAGP agreement, cause the docking is not successful. After checking with the customer and found that the configuration is LACP.

b. Cisco 6500 LACP configuration into active mode, the commands as follows:

Router# configure terminal 
Router(config)# interface range fastethernet 5/6 -7 
Router(config-if)# channel-group 2 mode active 
Router(config-if)# end


Test business returned to normal.

Conclusion: Cisco 6500 support Port Aggregation Control Protocol (PAGP is Cisco patent) and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP belongs to the EEE 802.3 AD), the default configuration is PAGP, can be changed.

Command to: set the channel protocol [pagp | lacp].


Notice: Because the PAGP is Cisco own standard, and LACP is the IEEE standard, so Cisco changes to the new super engine (SUPERVISOR) later, then to support this deal. Can show on 6500 exchange modules if you have the WS – X6K SUP1A – MSFC or WS – X6K – SUP1A – MSFC2, super engine, which can support LACP protocol.

Cisco 6500 LACP is divided into two modes:

Passive LACP mode: port for passive state, no active LACP negotiation (Default)

Positive LACP mode: port become positive state, in the port to start negotiations.

In this example, Clients on Cisco 6500 only configure LACP mode, but don’t start talks actively, thus lead to dock with the company equipment is not successful.

Advice: MA5600T polymerization upward to Cisco 6500 exchanges, in Cisco 6500 configure LACP only is not enough, must also be configured to active mode (our equipment is the default active negotiation mode), start the LACP negotiation of both parties.

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Through the above article, you should understand the problems that might cause when MA5600T series equipment aggregate docking Cisco equipment, and you also know how to solve these problems according to specific situations. If you still have any problems, please feel free to contact:


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