MA5600T Series Equipment Boot Upgrade Guidebook

As Huawei MA5600T series equipment gradually extended to the market in a wide range of industries, which rely on its high reliability, high ratio of performance characteristics, and there are more probabilities to do system maintenance with continuously updating the hardware and software.

While using routine method to upgrade and lead to appear abnormal, or system board appear special abnormal, which is necessary to upgrade the Boot. This article introduces how to upgrade and maintain the equipment.

All firmware should be provided by the client and obtained from legally authorized way.

Upgrading Premise

1. Access to the objective version system bin file.

2. Access to the purpose of version system IO package bin file.

3. Using Console to connect MA5683T SCUN main control board, and operate Console monitor routine terminal on PC, and check the running status of MA5683T system.

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4. Using fiber to connect ETH port on SCUN and PC, and configure the same IP address filed (The following will introduce).

5. Configuring TFTP server software, and put the bin file into the directory, for downloading.

If you have any confused, please refer to other documents on

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Ugrading Process

1.Upgrade bin file




The system will start after MA5683T boot is powered, from the monitor screen as you can see, after the self-inspection BIOS, tips: “Press < D > X seconds to download in extended BIOS 0”; It is prompted to enter the download extended BIOS; at this time without any operation. When there is a “Press<D>key to stop auto-boot” in the system before the countdown seconds, press the keyboard “D” to enter the boot main course options.

Select “2 Boot from ethernet port by TFTP” from eth port running TFTP protocol starting system. After pressing enter, select “6 Download Packet file”. And next is configured to download bin file parameters.

2.Load bin file

Board IP address   : [] 
Board mask address : [] 
TFTP server IP     : []
File name         : [scuxxx_packet.bin] v8r11.bin
You will download file 'v8r11. bin' from TFTP server, are you sure? (y/n) [y]


Firstly, the PC connect the ETH port, IP address is 10.11.104.X (X cannot be 2), subnet mask is, then setup the TFTP software, make sure the deployment on card, meanwhile put the system bin files into the directory of this software (which is already well set). Here the IP address of the PC Settings for, bin file for v8r11. Bin.

ETH port default IP address is, subnet mask is, Press the enter to confirm, type in PC IP in the 3rd step, next to type in the name of BIN file v8r11.bin, then type in y after entering, confirm to download this bin files. And then there will be a long time to download the file.

Huawei SCUN.jpg

3.Start-up system recovery


Begin to save io_10gepara.efs…OK.

Begin to save patch bak.efs…OK.

Packet file load and save OK!

After the bin file downloading, it will be loaded, as the above info hints that means the file already loaded, then the system will appear the interface as below.





Well, you need to select “0 Back to main menu”, and select “0 Boot from flash” can enter the system normal start the program. When start-up the system, type in default user: root; password: admin, can enter the system which is already upgraded. After entering config mode, you can check the version of software by using display version.

Above is the completely upgrading procedures, it suitable for Huawei MA5600T series OLT equipment, such as MA5680T, MA5683T, MA5608T, hope it works on your system maintenance.

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