MA5600T Series Equipment Downgrade Guidebook

With the development of the network and the advancement of technology, the new produced Huawei OLT are all new firmware versions. Due to some of clients' devices are old firmware version, such as Huawei ONU (MA5626, MA5821), Huawei ONT (HG8546M, HG8310M), so may be incompatible with the new firmware version of Huawei OLT. Therefore, we need to downgrade our firmware version of Huawei OLT sometimes.


The premise of operation

1. Please backup all the configuration of the original MA5680T, and do not directly to operate the current network equipment, so as not to be unable to quickly restore the business situation.

2. Access to the objective version system bin file.

MA5680T R13 bin file.png

3. Access to the purpose of version system IO package bin file.

4. Using Console to connect MA5680T main control board SCUN, and operate Console monitor routine terminal on PC, and check the running status of the MA5680T system.

5. Using Ethernet cable to connect MA5680T main control board ETH port and PC, and configure the same network.

Huawei SCUN.jpg

6. Configured TFTP server software, and put the bin file into the directory, and downloading.


Main Downloading process

1. Downgrade bin file

2. Loading system bin file

Board IP address: [] 
Board mask address: [] 
TFTP server IP: []
File name: [scuxxx_packet.bin] v8r13.bin
You will download file 'v8r13. bin' from TFTP server, are you sure? (y/n) [y]


3. Start-up system recovery

Begin to save io_10gepara.efs…OK.

Begin to save patch_bak.efs…OK.

Packet file load and save OK!

After downloading the bin file, the download file will be loaded, as the above hints, the file already loaded, system will appear the interface.

After entering config mode, you can check the version of software by using display version command.



The degradation operation is very prudent, please backup device configuration before operate, and cannot directly operate the network, which has a large number of business equipment


Through above Huawei MA5680T downgrade steps, I hope it can help you when you need to downgrade your Huawei MA5680T/MA5683T/MA5608T. If still have any question about this, please feel free to contact our sales team and support team.

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