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MA5608T Single 10GE AC

MA5608T Single 10GE AC

PN: 02350RJX-4
Huawei MA5608T chassis with 1xMCUD1 10GE Main Control Board 1xMPWD AC Power Module
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How to Upgrade Huawei MA5600T Series OLT

We take Huawei MA5680T as an example in this article to briefly elaborates the upgrade process of Huawei MA5608T / MA5680T / MA5683T


Huawei MA5608T equipped with 1xMCUD1 (2xGE SFP+2xGE/10GE SFP+ Uplink, include 2 GE SFP Module) 1xMPWD AC Power Module

Comes with 2 PCS power cable, 1 PCS earth cable, 2 PCS mount ear, accessory package

MA5608T chassis

1 MCUD1 equipped, switching capacity 256Gbit/s active/standby mode

1 MPWD equipped, input AC voltage: -100 V to -240 V


MA5608T Single 10GE AC bundle configuration, is recommended board bundle provided by, it has most common service type and ordinary. If you need customized configuration, please contact with Sales Team, who will come back to you shortly.


Tech Specs
Main Control BoardH801MCUD1: 1
Upstream Ports

10GE SFP+: 2


GPON Ports0
Service Slots Remain2
Power Supply ModeAC power supply: -100 V / -240 V
Device Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H, including mounting brackets)482.6mm×244.5mm×88.1mm, for IEC cabinet
Weight (empty chassis)7.5KG

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