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PN: 03059198

Huawei ME60 4-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Broadband Service Unit Integrated (BSUI-402)

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Huawei ME60 4-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Broadband Service Unit Integrated (BSUI-402)

Supports 400G line-rate forwarding

Each interface supports the 100GE and 50GE modes

All interfaces do not support breakout and cannot be auto-negotiated to 40G


Huawei ME0D0E4NBB70 is 4-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Broadband Service Unit Integrated (BSUI-402) applied to ME60-X8, X8A and X16A. 0 to 3 Interface for inputting and outputting 50GE or 100GE optical signals.

ME0D0E4NBB70 comes with original box, if purchase together with router, it will be will inserted into the router by default when delivery, to economical volume weight; If need delivery separately with original box, please contact sales team in advance.

Tech Specs
Optical interface attributes

Compliant with 

100Gbps QSFP28 optical module

Working mode


Frame format

Ethernet_II, Ethernet_SAP and Ethernet_SNAP

Compliant standard

IEEE 802.3

Reliability and availability

Hot swappable

Line-Rate capability

Supports 400G line-rate forwarding

Ambient temperature

Long terms: 0 °C to 45 °C (32°F to 113°F)

Short terms: -5 °C to 55 °C (23°F to 131°F)

Physical specifications
Dimensions(mm) 40.1(H)x 399.2 (W) x 535.6 (D)
Weight(kg) 8.9
Power consumption (typical value)(W) 320.0




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