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Huawei ME60 Flexible Card Value-Added Service Processing Unit(VSUF-160)
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Huawei ME60 System Test Procedure

To ensure Huawei router system we provided works well and customers can plug and play, hardware functionality, main control board version consistency, mother board and daughter board compatibility, all these clause will be tested by, befo

How to Upgrade Huawei ME60 Series Router

This article provides instructions and detailed procedures on how to upgrade the ME60 series router


Flexible card value-added service processing unit(VSUF-160) on Huawei ME60.

A ME0DVSUFD070/VSUF-160 itself provides 40 Gbit/s forwarding capability.

Supports maximum two SP160s subcard (40Gbit/s forwarding capability) and two 20G licenses, and realizes total 160G forwarding capability.

Supports NAT44, DS-Lite and L2-Aware NAT function.

VSUF-160 is supported only on the ME60-X8 and ME60-X16 and must work with the 200G SFU.

ME0DVSUFD070 is a versatile service board applied to Huawei ME60, provides total 160Gbit/s forwarding capability by configuring two subcard SP160s and two 20G licenses.

ME0DVSUFD070 comes with original box, if purchase together with router, it will be will inserted into the router by default when delivery, to economical volume weight; If need delivery separately with original box, please contact sales team in advance.

Tech Specs
Reliability and availability

Software features:

  • NAT, including integrated NAT444, integrated NAT44, distributed NAT444, distributed NAT44, and distributed L2-Aware NAT, which provides the following functions:

    • Port pre-allocation

    • NAT policy template

    • Port forwarding

    • Inter-board hot backup for NAT

    • Limitation on the number of NAT ports

    • NAT alarm notification

    • PCP

  • DS-Lite

  • NAT64

  • High availability

  • Hybrid Access

    • Packet ordering for packets transmitted along the GRE tunnels

    • Load balancing among the VSUF-160 boards and SP160 packet ordering engines

Hardware features:

  • Board hot swap

  • FPIC hot swap

  • Inter-board hot backup and inter-chassis hot backup


Enhanced command-line interface

Support for SNMP and MIBs

Operating conditions

Long-term ambient temperature: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)  

Short-term ambient temperature: -5°C to +55°C (23°F to 131°F)

Long-term relative humidity: 5% to 85% 

Short-term relative humidity: 5% to 95% 

Storage conditions

Storage temperature: -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to 158°F)

Storage humidity: 5% to 100%

Physical specifications
Dimensions(mm)40.1(H)x 399.2(W) x 535.6(D)
Power consumption (typical value)(W)312


Q: Can ME0DVSUFD070/VSUF-160 be installed in only slots on ME60?

A: ME60-X8, installing the VSUF-160s in slots 3, 4, 5, and 6 is recommended. 

On the ME60-X16, installing the VSUF-160s in slots 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 is recommended.

Q: How many subslots does ME0DVSUFD070/VSUF-160 have?

A: A VSUF-160 has two subslot and can have two SP160 installed.

Q: What is the forwarding capability of a ME0DVSUFD070/VSUF-160?

A: It provides 40 Gbit/s forwarding capability. 

Q: How can I increase the forwarding capability of a ME0DVSUFD070/VSUF-160?


1, 20G license

A 20G license expands the forwarding capability of a VSUF-160 by 20 Gbit/s. A VSUF-160 can be configured with two 20G license.

2, SP160

An SP160 provides a forwarding capability of 40 Gbit/s. A VSUF-160 can have only two SP160 installed. 

To enable a VSUF-160 to provide a forwarding capability of 160 Gbit/s, install two 20G licenses and two SP160s on the VSUF-160.


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  1. Argentina
    We get one VSUF-160 with 16M NAT session license, here is not easy for acquire license, but
  2. Chile
    Packed in Huawei original box and brand new. Is VSUF-160 work with 100G SFUI?
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