MTS9510A Outdoor Site Power Cabinet

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Highly efficient site

Battery hibernation

Temperature control and energy saving

High-density heat exchange

High-efficiency rectifiers


Intelligent site

IP, GPRS, or in-band networking

Battery state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) monitoring

Hybrid battery management

Intelligent antitheft management (electronic lock, video surveillance, and audible and visual alarm)

Intelligent temperature control management

Intelligent: You can manage sites using a remote NMS.

License security management


Integrated site

Rapid cabinet assembling

Modular power distribution


The multiple telecommunication system (MTS) is a solution that provides an outdoor operating environment, security management, and monitoring network for wireless telecom sites. It integrates the outdoor cabinet, temperature control unit, telecom power supply, monitoring unit, network management system, AC and DC power distribution units, and surge protective devices. It also provides sufficient space for housing customer equipment. The MTS provides a series of highly efficient, intelligent, and integrated site solutions.

Tech Specs
Cabinet specifications
MTS9510A-HD2002 MTS9510A-HT2002 MTS9510A-HT2011 MTS9510A-GA2001
External dimensions (H x W x D) 2030 mm x 815 mm x 735 mm
Weight 158 kg 168 kg 168 kg 190 kg
Space for customer equipment 22 U
Space for batteries

Two layers

Net dimensions for one layer (H x W x D): 350 mm x 580 mm x 561 mm

Two layers

Net dimensions for one layer (H x W x D): 350 mm x 580 mm x 561 mm

Two cabinet shelves

Net dimensions for each cabinet shelf (H x W x D): 350 mm x 580 mm x 561 mm

Two layers

Net dimensions for one layer (H x W x D): 350 mm x 580 mm x 561 mm

Temperature control mode

Equipment compartment: HXC150S

Battery compartment: direct ventilation unit

Equipment compartment: HXC150S

Battery compartment: TEC

Equipment compartment: heat exchanger HXC150S

Battery compartment: TEC

Equipment compartment: AH1500

Battery compartment: PC500D

Protection level

Equipment compartment: IP55

Battery compartment: IP44

IP55 IP55 IP55
Electrical Specifications
Input system ETP48200-C5B4, ETP48200-C5C4, ETP48200-C5CA and extended AC subrack: 220/380 V AC three-phase, four-wire, compatible with 220 V AC single-phase

ETP48200-C5B5, ETP48200-C5C3 and ETP48200-C5CB: 110 V AC dual-live-wire

Input voltage 85–300 V AC
Input frequency Frequency range: 45–66 Hz; nominal frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
PF ≥ 0.99 (load percentage ≥ 50%)
THD ≤ 5% (Vin = 208 V AC, 220 V AC, 230 V AC; 50%–100% load)
Output voltage range –43.2 V DC to –57.6 V DC
Default output voltage –53.5 V DC
Output power Maximum output power = Output power of a single rectifier x Number of rectifiers
Regulated voltage precision ≤ ±1%
Ripple and noise ≤ 200 mVp-p
Psophometrically weighted noise ≤ 2 mV
Current imbalance < ±5% (20%–100% load)
AC input overvoltage protection threshold > 300 V AC
AC input overvoltage recovery threshold When the voltage is restored to 290 V AC, the output resumes.
AC input undervoltage protection threshold < 85 V AC
AC input undervoltage recovery threshold When the voltage is restored to 90 V AC, the output resumes.
DC output overvoltage protection threshold –58.5 V DC to –60.5 V DC

1. If overvoltage occurs due to an internal fault, the rectifier locks out.

2. If the external voltage is greater than –63 V for more than 500 ms, the rectifier locks out.

AC surge protection nominal lightning strike discharge current: 30 kA (8/20 µs); maximum lightning strike discharge current: 60 kA (8/20 µs)
DC surge protection Differential mode: 10 kA (8/20 µs); common mode: 20 kA (8/20 µs)
Safety and regulatory design IEC/EN60950-1
Mean time between failures (MTBF) 200,000 hours (25°C)
Temperature Control Type HXC150S+direct ventilation unit HXC150S+TEC HXC150S+TEC AH1500+PC500D
Power Subrack ETP48200-C5CA ETP48200-C5CA



ETP48200-C5CA ETP48200-C5CA


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