NE8000 M1A AC

HUAWEI NetEngine 8000 M1A Chassis, fixed Interface(6*10GE + 26*GE), fix AC power

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HUAWEI NetEngine 8000 M1A Chassis, fixed Interface(6*10GE+26*GE), fix AC power

Switching Capacity: 352 Gbit/s

Forwarding Performance: 72 Mpps

Capacity Density (G/U):  176

NetEngine 8000 M1A is a high-density compact router designed for the cloud era. It’s featured for its 1U compact size, 220 mm depth, and supports up to 176G port capacity. The compact design saves precious space resources. Supports flexible service access of 10GE and GE (optical and electrical ports) and supports features such as SRv6, EVPN, Port Slicing , Telemetry, and 1588v2 high-precision clock, which is the best choice for multi-service high-density bearer in the future cloud era.

Tech Specs
Item Specification
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(4*10GE+12*GE), AC power
Switching capacity 352G bit/s
Forwarding Performance 72 Mpps
Typical power consumption [W] 74.7 W
Typical heat dissipation [BTU/hour] 242.36 BTU/hour
MTBF [year] 35.99 year
MTTR [hour] 2 hour
Availability 0.99999
Power supply mode AC
Rated input voltage [V] 110 V/220 V
Input voltage range [V] 100 V to 240 V
Maximum input current [A] 1.5 A
Rated output power [W] 170 W
Maximum input cable size [mm²] Standard C13 cable
Front-end circuit breaker/fuse [A] ≥1.5 A
Heat dissipation Air cooling
Redundant fans 2+1,Short-term running when a single fan becomes invalid at the ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F)
Storage altitude [m(ft.)] < 5000 m (16404.199 ft.)
Breakout supported No
Interface rate auto-sensing supported Yes
RTU supported Yes
88036KAT: NetEngine 8000 M1A basic configuration upgrade package (upgrade from 52G to 86G)
For details about how to use the RTU, see “Installation – License Usage Guide”.
Cabinet installation standards ETSI(21-inch);IEC(19-inch); IMB(3U);F01M50 Outdoor Cabinet
Dimensions without packaging (H x W x D) [mm] 44.45 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm
Dimensions with packaging (H x W x D) [mm] 255 mm x 585 mm x 390 mm
Chassis height [U] 1 U
Weight without packaging (base configuration) [kg] 4.5 kg
Weight with packaging (base configuration) [kg] 5.8 kg
Additional information
Weight 12.0 kg
Dimensions 59.0 × 39.0 × 26.0 cm

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Q: What are the Huawei NetEngine 8000 series routers included?


Parameter NE8000 X8 NE8000 X4 NE8000 M14 NE8000 M8 NE8000 M6 NE8000 M1A NE8000 M1C NE8000 F1A
Switching Capacity 83.78 Tbit/s 41.89 Tbit/s 4 Tbit/s 2.4 Tbit/s 320 Gbit/s 352 Gbit/s 344 Gbit/s 2.4 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 14,496 Mpps 7248 906 Mpps 453 Mpps 72 Mpps 72 Mpps 72 Mpps 453 Mpps
Max. Capacity of a Board 4 Tbit/s 4 Tbit/s 200 Gbit/s 200 Gbit/s 50 Gbit/s Fixed-configuration router Fixed-configuration router Fixed-configuration router
Capacity Density (G/U) 2025 1633 400 400 80 176 172 1200

Q: What are the typical configuration for Huawei NetEngine 8000 M1A?


Description Part Number Model
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration (Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(4*10GE + 12*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353DAF CR8PM1ABASC0
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration (Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(4*10GE+12*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353DAG CR8PM1ABASC1
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(6*10GE+26*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353DAH CR8PM1ABASC2
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(6*10GE+26*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353EGG CR8PM1ABASC4
NetEngine 8000 M1A, AC Power,Port Capacity 16*10GE+12*GE(o)+4*GE(e) 02353HFW CR8PM1ABAS1
NetEngine 8000 M1A, DC Power,Port Capacity 16*10GE+12*GE(o)+4*GE(e) 02353HFY CR8PM1ABAS3
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(16*10GE+16*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353JVU CR8PM1ABASC8
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(16*10GE+16*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353JWJ CR8PM1ABASC6
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration (Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(10*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353UYM CR8PM1ABASCA
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(10*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353UYN CR8PM1ABASCB
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration (Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(2*10GE+8*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353VAG CR8PM1ABASCC
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(2*10GE+8*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353VAH CR8PM1ABASCD
Reviews (6)

6 reviews for NE8000 M1A AC

  1. Kasper

    I believe your technical supports even if the price is not the cheapest one.

  2. Guarín
    Costa Rica

    All good, basic license L3VPN is included.

  3. Rodriguez
    Costa Rica

    We bought NE8000 M1A at a nice price, thanks.

  4. SILVA

    Cheaper price than before, so great.

  5. Kausch

    NE8000 M1A, fixed 4*10GE and 12*GE interfaces are enough for us, now its price much better than 2 months ago.

  6. Njie

    NetEngine 8000 series router has many ports; Thunder-link provides us best solution based on our requirement.

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