Optical Module quality control-Test Procedure

Huawei Optical module quality control test procedure

There are various kinds of optical modules in the market, and some dishonest sellers make fake HUAWEI label to cover up the authenticity of the optical modules, they will find out thousands of excuses to refuse return back, when you found it is not compatible with your switch weeks later.

The purpose is to ensure that the optical modules we deliver do not have compatibility problems. We will test each batch of optical modules to avoid compatibility problems of switch to the greatest extent.

As the general transmission equipment and OLT equipment have good tolerance for optical modules, they can be used normally as long as the optical specification can correspond to them. Therefore, we only test the optical modules compatibility of switch.


There are many customers who are not very clear about what kind of optical module they need. They often simply describe original, DDM, compatible and so on. However, customer’s description doesn’t really make the question clear. For example, the original optical module used for Huawei transmission does not necessarily have no alarm when it is used on Huawei switch. Not all individually packaged optical modules belong to original. Whether non certain PN optical modules can be used on switches or not … In order to eliminate these interferences before purchase, we will carry out the tests mentioned above.

1. We chose Huawei S5700-28C-EI-24S and S6720S-26Q-LI-24S-AC switches for testing.



PN: 98010685

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3-5 days lead time | | 5 QA

2. Use console line to connect computer and the CON port of switch

3. Use CRT to log in to the switch

4. Use “display transceiver verbose” command, and the following information will be obtained. 01 port and 02 port, two optical modules are extracted as examples:

[Quidway]display transceiver verbose
GigabitEthernet0/0/1 transceiver information:
Common information:
  Transceiver Type               :10GBBASE_SR_SFP
  Connector Type                 :LC
  Wavelength(nm)                 :850
  Transfer Distance(m)           :33(OM1),82(OM2),300(OM3),400(OM4)
  Digital Diagnostic Monitoring  :YES
  Vendor Name                    :HUAWEI
  Vendor Part Number             :02318169
  Ordering Name                  :
Manufacture information:
  Manu. Serial Number            :ANJ084V        
  Manufacturing Date             :2018-02-28
  Vendor Name                    :HUAWEI
Diagnostic information:
  Temperature(°C)              :27.18
  Temp High Threshold(°C)      :80.00
  Temp Low  Threshold(°C)      :-10.00
  Voltage(V)                    :3.30
  Volt High Threshold(V)        :3.70
  Volt Low  Threshold(V)        :2.85    
  Bias Current(mA)              :6.41
  Bias High Threshold(mA)       :10.00
  Bias Low  Threshold(mA)       :2.60
  RX Power(dBM)                 :-Inf
  RX Power High Threshold(dBM)  :1.49
  RX Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-14.00
  TX Power(dBM)                 :-1.87
  TX Power High Threshold(dBM)  :-1.00
  TX Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-8.00
GigabitEthernet0/0/2 transceiver information:
Common information:
  Transceiver Type               :1000_BASE_LX_SFP
  Connector Type                 :LC
  Wavelength(nm)                 :1310
  Transfer Distance(m)           :40000(9um)
  Digital Diagnostic Monitoring  :YES
  Vendor Name                    :HG GENUINE     
  Vendor Part Number             :MXPD-243MD     
  Ordering Name                  :
Manufacture information:                 
  Manu. Serial Number            :HA14030130299  
  Manufacturing Date             :2014-01-15
  Vendor Name                    :HG GENUINE     
Diagnostic information:
  Temperature(°C)              :27.81
  Temp High Threshold(°C)      :80.00
  Temp Low  Threshold(°C)      :-10.00
  Voltage(V)                    :3.26
  Volt High Threshold(V)        :3.60
  Volt Low  Threshold(V)        :3.00
  Bias Current(mA)              :16.43
  Bias High Threshold(mA)       :85.00
  Bias Low  Threshold(mA)       :0.00
  RX Power(dBM)                 :-38.56
  RX Power High Threshold(dBM)  :-3.00
  RX Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-22.99
  TX Power(dBM)                 :-1.94
  TX Power High Threshold(dBM)  :1.04
  TX Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-4.95

5. Insert the optical module, there will be no alarm immediately. After waiting for a few minutes, if the switch pops up an alarm, it will be displayed as follows:

HUAWEI SRM/3/SFP_EXCEPTION:OID Optical module exception, SFP is not certified. (EntityPhysicalIndex=67469390, BaseTrapSeverity=5, BaseTrapProbableCause=136192, BaseTrapEventType=9, EntPhysicalContainedIn=67108873, EntPhysicalName=XGigabitEthernet0/0/1, RelativeResource=Interface XGigabitEthernet0/0/1 optical module exception, ReasonDescription=It has been observed that a transceiver has been installed that is not certified by Huawei Ethernet Switch. Huawei cannot ensure that it is completely adaptive and will not cause any adverse effects. If it is continued to be used, Huawei is not obligated to provide support to remedy defects or faults arising out of or resulting from installing and using of the non-certified transceiver.)

Huawe SFP optical module.jpg

At present, there is no clear evidence to show that there must be no alarm or alarm for any PN, vendor or module with any appearance. We have also tested many well-packed individually packaged optical modules. The label is printed with HUAWEI, but vendor name shows that it is not Huawei, and has alarm. There are also many vendor names that are not Huawei, but there is no alarm.

Therefore, care must be taken before purchasing optical modules. Do not only look at the appearance or listen to seller’s words, but insert them into the switch for testing, no not pursuit price as only factor, but should consider the essence matters. will test each batch of optical modules and truthfully inform customers the test results, before you decide to purchase, to ensure your benefits.

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