The Management IP Address of an ONT Be Configured

Huawei ONT is one of Huawei’s most important products, such as HG8546M, HG8310M, and HG8245Q2 etc., these ONTs are very popular products.

During the use of ONTs, how to configure ONT management IP address?

The below article will tell us how to do it.


ONT management IP addresses are classified as LAN-side management IP addresses and WAN-side IP addresses.

The LAN-side management IP address can be configured. To do so, choose LAN > LAN Host Configuration from the main menu on the web page.

The WAN-side management IP address is based on WAN port configurations.

If the WAN port statically obtains an IP address, the WAN-side management IP address can be configured. Ensure that the configured management IP address can communicate with the upper-layer device.

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If the WAN port obtains an IP address in DHCP or PPPoE mode, the WAN-side management IP address can only be obtained from the DHCP server.

After learning the above article, you will know how to configure ONT management IP address. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact at

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