Huawei OSN6800 OSN8800 backward raman and erbium doped fiber hybrid optical amplifier unit

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TN11RAU201 Overview:

a Backward raman and erbium doped Fiber hybrid optical amplifier Unit.

Integrates a backward Raman unit and an EDFA unit and amplifies the input optical signals in C band. The total wavelengths range from 1529 nm to 1561 nm.

Supports the system to transmit services over different fiber spans without electrical regeneration.

Generates multi-channel pump light of high power, providing energy for the amplification of signals in the fiber.

Users can separately configure the gain adjustment point for the Raman amplifier and EDFA using the NMS.

Provides an in-service monitoring port (MON).

The Raman amplifier optical module supports the gain locking, maximum gain, and power locking modes.

EDFA optical module supports the gain locking and power locking modes.

Detects the pump driving current, back facet current, pump cooling current, temperature of the pump laser and the ambient temperature of the board.

The EDFA optical module can detect and report optical power.

The Raman amplifier optical module of the RAU2 board supports return loss detection.

The OTDR function can be used on the U2000. Monitoring figures and data are displayed on the U2000.

The Fiber Doctor Management System Software Fee License needs to be purchased for this function.

Supports Optical-layer ASON.


TN11RAU201 is a Backward Raman and erbium doped Fiber hybrid optical amplifier board, PN 03030PBW, apply to Huawei OSN8800 OSN6800 and OSN3800. RAU has two versions TNTN11 and TN12, TN12RAU2 can replace TN11RAU2.

Tech Specs
Item Unit Value
RAU2 board specifications Operating wavelength range nm 1529 to 1561
Gain range dB G.652 fibers 30 to 41
LEAF fibers 32 to 43
G.653 fibers 32 to 43
TWRS fibers 32 to 43
TW-C fibers 32 to 43
TWPLUS fibers 32 to 43
SMFLS fibers 32 to 43
G.656 fibers 32 to 43
G.654A fibers 30 to 41
TERA_LIGHT fibers 32 to 43
G.654B fibers 27 to 37
Equivalent noise figurea dB G.652 fibers < 1.5 (30 dB gain)
LEAF fibers < 1.0 (32 dB gain)
G.653 fibers < 1.0 (32 dB gain)
TWRS fibers < 1.0 (32 dB gain)
TW-C fibers < 1.0 (32 dB gain)
TWPLUS fibers < 1.0 (32 dB gain)
SMFLS fibers < 1.0 (32 dB gain)
G.656 fibers < 1.0 (32 dB gain)
G.654A fibers < 1.5 (30 dB gain)
TERA_LIGHT fibers < 1.0 (32 dB gain)
G.654B fibers < 4.0 (27 dB gain)
Gain flatness (LINE port to OUT port) dB G.652 fibers < 3.0
LEAF fibers < 3.0
G.653 fibers < 3.0
TWRS fibers < 3.0
TW-C fibers < 3.0
TWPLUS fibers < 3.0
SMFLS fibers < 3.0
G.656 fibers < 3.0
G.654A fibers < 3.0
TERA_LIGHT fibers < 3.0
G.654B fibers < 3.0
Total input optical power of LINE port dBm -42 to -2
Max. total optical power of OUT port dBm 20
PDG dB <= 0.7
PMD ps <= 0.7
RFM port wavelength range nm 1600 to 1645
Raman module specifications Operating wavelength range nm 1529 to 1561
Total input optical power of LINE port dBm <= 2
Total output optical power of SYS port dBm -32 to 6
Valid gainb dB G.652 fibers 5 to 10
LEAF fibers 5 to 12
G.653 fibers 5 to 12
TWRS fibers 5 to 12
TW-C fibers 5 to 12
TWPLUS fibers 5 to 12
SMFLS fibers 5 to 12
G.656 fibers 5 to 12
G.654A fibers 5 to 10
TERA_LIGHT fibers 5 to 12
G.654B fibers 5 to 6
SYS port reflectance dB < -40
LINE port reflectance dB < -40
PDG dB <= 0.5
PMD ps <= 0.5
Pump wavelength nm 1400 to 1500
Max. pump optical power mW >=700
EDFA specifications Operating wavelength range nm 1529 to 1561
Input optical power dBm -32 to 0
Output optical power dBm -1 to 20
Nominal single-wavelength input optical power dBm 40 channels: -16
80 channels: -19
Nominal single-wavelength output optical power dBm 40 channels: 4
80 channels: 1
Nominal gain dB 20
Channel gain dB 20 to 31
Gain flatness dB < 2.0
Multi-channel gain slope dB/dB < 1.0 ± 0.5
VI-VO Inherent insertion loss dB <= 1.5
VI-VO Dynamic attenuation range dB 15
VI-VO Adjustment accuracy dB 1
PDG dB <= 0.5
PMD ps <= 0.5
Input reflectance dB < -40
Output reflectance dB < -40
a: The gain can be adjusted continuously. The noise figure varies according to the gain. The previous table lists the noise figure when the noise figure uses the typical value.
b: The gain of the Raman module can be set to the maximum value. The actual gain of the board is a variable and depends on the fiber type and status.
Dimensions (mm, H x W x D) 264.6 x 50.8 x 220
Weight (kg) 2.58
Typical Power Consumption (W) 55
Maximum Power Consumption (W) 70
Additional information



Q: How many hardware version does RAU have?

A: RAU is available in TN11 and TN12,  The mappings between the board and equipment are as below:

Board General 8800 T64 Subrack Enhanced 8800 T64 Subrack General 8800 T32 Subrack Enhanced 8800 T32 Subrack 8800 T16 Subrack 8800 Universal Platform Subrack 6800 Subrack 3800 Chassis
When the RAU2 board is used in the OptiX OSN 3800 chassis, the TN23SCC board must be used.

Q: What are the difference between TN11RAU2 and TN12RAU2?



TN12RAU2 board supports the line fiber quality monitoring function, fiber connection detect (FCD), quick shutdown of the Raman laser, and safe turn-on of the Raman laser while the TN11RAU2 board does not.


The front panels of TN11RAU2 and TN12RAU2 boards are different. On the front panel of  TN12RAU2, there are the FCD button and indicator, interlock switch. There is no such button, indicator, or switch on the front panel of TN11RAU2.

Figure 1 Front panel of the TN11RAU2 board

Figure 2 Front panel of the TN12RAU201 board


Figure 3 Front panel of the TN12RAU201E


Q: Can I return/exchange board if not compatible with my system?

A: Yes, please tell our sales team your system and main control board version, before purchase.

Q: The board is new or refurbished?

A: It is original new, not been used.

Q: What is the lead time for TN11RAU201 board?

A: In normal condition is 5 days, better to confirm with our sales team before your purchase.

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