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PN: 03054663

Huawei 1800 II enhanced and 1800 V system auxiliary interface board

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System auxiliary interface board on Huawei 1800 II enhanced chassis and 1800 V chassis

Provides one 64 kbit/s synchronous transparent data port or one 19.2 kbit/s asynchronous transparent data port, one orderwire phone port and alarm input/output ports

Provides two external clock input/output ports with TOD0 and TOD1 ports

Provides alarm ports with six inputs and two outputs


TNF1AUX is a system auxiliary interface board applied to Huawei 1800 II enhanced chassis and 1800 V chassis. TNF1AUX part number is 03054663. The AUX provides auxiliary ports such as external clock ports and alarm input/output ports.


Tech Specs
 Front Panel 
 Valid Slot 

1800 II Enhanced Chassis: Slot 1 to Slot 6

1800 V Chassis: Slot 8 to Slot 14, slot 19

 Function and Feature 
 Synchronous/Asynchronous transparent data port  Not supported
 External clock port  


Uses one RJ45 port providing two BITS clock inputs and two clock outputs. The port impedance is 120 ohm.

The two clock inputs can use independent clock sources but the two clock outputs must use the same clock source. A site can use only one clock source at a time.

 External time port The TNF1AUX board provides two external clock input/output ports with TOD0 and TOD1 ports.
 Housekeeping alarm input/output ports Provides alarm ports with six inputs and two outputs.
Outdoor cabinet monitoring port Supported.
Orderwire phone port Provides one orderwire phone port so that operation/maintenance engineers at different workstations can have voice communication with each other.
Specifications of orderwire ports
Transmission channel

Bytes E1 and E2 in the SDH overhead

When a universal line board is used to transmit orderwire signals, only the E1 byte in the SDH section overhead can be used.

Orderwire type Addressed call and conference call
Pair in each direction One symmetrical pair
Impedance (ohm) 600
Specifications of the OptiX OSN's external clock ports 2048 kbit/s (in compliance with ITU-T G.703) or 2048 kHz (in compliance with ITU-T G.703)
External synchronous source In compliance with ITU-T G.813
Frequency accuracy
Pull-in or pull-out range
Noise generation
Noise toleration
Noise transfer
Transient response and holdover performance
Synchronization clock transfer accuracy < 50 ppb
Specifications of the external time ports
Port type 1PPS+TOD
Electrical specifications RS-422
Protocol type 1PPS+TOD: UBX and NMEA
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D, unit: mm/in.) 193.8 x 19.8 x 205.9 (7.6 x 0.8 x 8.1)
Weight 0.30 kg (0.7 lb)
Power Consumption

Typical Power Consumption (W): 2.2

Maximum Power Consumptiona (W): 2.2

a: The maximum power consumption is the power consumed by the board when it works normally under the highest ambient temperature. 
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