Huawei OSN1800V 10-port Multi-Rate Wavelength Conversion Board

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TNF1LTX 10-port multi-rate wavelength conversion board

Applied to Huawei 1800 I&II Compact, 1800 II Enhanced, OSN 1800V

Supports client 1+1 protection, intra-board 1+1 protection

Supports SDFECM or SDFEC2

Supports communication over ESCs

Supports optical-layer ASON when working with Z5UXCMS/Z2UXCL/Z8XCH

Supports the LPT function only when the client-side service type is 10GE LAN services


TNF1LTX is a 10-port multi-rate wavelength conversion board applied to Huawei 1800 I&II Compact, 1800 II Enhanced, OSN 1800V. The LTX board is an optical transponder board that has a rate of 100 Gbit/s on the WDM side. It applies to metro 100G transmission systems, maps the optical signals received on the client side to one OTU4 signal, and performs mutual conversion between the OTU4 signal and the optical signal carried over an ITU-T-compliant WDM wavelength.

Tech Specs
Front Panel
There are ports on the front panel of the board.



Specifications (in OTU mode)
Basic functions Working modes of LTX boards and their ports F1LTX:

1. The board mode parameter of the LTX board must be set to 1*AP10 general mode.

2. When receiving FC800/FICON 8G services on client-side ports, LTX boards support the setting of their ports’ working modes. The following working modes are available for ports:

a. ODUflex non-convergence mode

b. ODU2 non-convergence mode

3. When receiving services of other types on client-side ports, LTX boards support the setting of their ports’ working mode to the ODU2 non-convergence mode.

Cross-connect functionality Not supported
Service encryption Not supported
Physical clocks Supports transparent transmission of synchronous Ethernet clock signals, with the clock quality in compliance with ITU-T G.8261, when the LTX board receives 10GE LAN services on the client side and Port Mapping is set to Bit Transparent Mapping (11.1G) for the LTX board. LTX boards cannot process synchronous Ethernet clock signals.
Specifications (in regeneration mode)
Basic function The board is used in an electrical REG station in the system to implement electrical regeneration of optical signals. The board mode parameter of the LTX board must be set to electrical relay mode.
Regenerating rate OTU4: OTN service at a rate of 111.81 Gbit/s
Alarms and performance events monitoring Monitors B1, section monitoring (SM)_bit interleaved parity 8 (BIP8), and path monitoring (PM)_BIP8 bytes to help locate line failures.

Monitors performance parameters and alarm signals, including the monitoring of laser bias current, laser working temperature and optical power on the WDM side.

Supports CD and PMD performance monitoring.

The F2LTX/F3LTX board supports temperature detection.

Client-Side Pluggable Optical Module
SFP+ -10G(with CDR)-1310nm-SMF-10km

SFP+ -10G(with CDR)-1550nm-SMF-40km

SFP+ -8.5G to 10.5G-850nm-MMF-0.3km

SFP+ -10G(10GE,LR/LW)-1310nm-SMF-10km

SFP+ -2.5G to 11.3G-TX1330/RX1270nm(BIDI)-SMF-10km-I

SFP+ -2.5G to 11.3G-TX1270/RX1330nm(BIDI)-SMF-10km-I

SFP+ -2.5G to 11.3G-TX1270/RX1330nm(BIDI)-SMF-40km-I

SFP+ -2.5G to 11.3G-TX1330/RX1270nm(BIDI)-SMF-40km-I

WDM-Side Pluggable Optical Module
CFP-100G-(1529.17nm to 1567.1nm)(DWDM,Tunable, high optical power, T65)-SMF

CFP-100G-(1529.17nm to 1560.61nm)(DWDM,Tunable, T75)-SM

 Version description of the LSX board
Board Product Applicable-System Control Board-Initial Board Version Supported by System Control Board
TNF1LTX 1800 I&II Compact-TNF3SCC-V100R006C00


1800 V-TNZ5UXCMS-V100R006C10

1800 V-TNZ8XCH-V100R009C00SPC700

1800 II Enhanced-TNZ1UXCL-V100R007C10

1800 II Enhanced-TNZ2UXCL-V100R008C00SPC600

Mechanical Specifications
Typical Power Consumption(W) 120 (OTU mode) / 99 (regeneration mode)
Maximum Power Consumption(W) 132 (OTU mode) / 109 (regeneration mode)
Dimension (W x H x D, mm) 193.8 x 40.1 x 205.9
Weight(kg) 1.60 kg



Additional information
Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 34.0 × 11.0 cm



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