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PN: AAF997E2
Huawei OSN 9800 M05/M12/M24 40-channel multiplexing board with VOA
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TNG2UM40V02 40-channel multiplexing board with VOA

UM40V board has one functional version: TNG2

Apply to OSN 9800 M05, OSN 9800 M12 and OSN 9800 M24.

The UM40V board performs wavelength multiplexing and supports in-service monitoring of optical power performance, alarms and performance events monitoring, and attenuation adjustments for individual wavelengths

As an optical multiplexer board, the UM40V board multiplexes a maximum of 40 channels of optical signals with a 150 GHz channel spacing into one optical signal. The UM40V board supports

Tech Specs
Front Panel
Valid Slots

9800 M24 Subrack:In 1:1 mode:In 1:1 mode: IU1-IU5, IU7-IU11, IU13-IU17, IU19-IU23; In 1:3 mode: IU1-IU4, IU8-IU11, IU13-IU16, IU20-IU23

9800 M12 Subrack:IU1-IU12

9800 M05 Subrack:IU1-IU4

Initial version of different subrack:
M24/M12/M05: V100R019C10SPC600
Functions and features 
Basic functions Multiplexes a maximum of 40 wavelength signals into one multi-wavelength signal and adjusts the optical power for each wavelength
UM40V01: multiplexes 40 C_EVEN wavelength signals with a 150 GHz channel spacing into one multi-wavelength signal
UM40V02: multiplexes 40 C_ODD wavelength signals with a 150 GHz channel spacing into one multi-wavelength signal
Spectrum application Supports super C-band
In-service optical performance monitoring Provides an in-service monitoring port. This port connects to an optical spectrum analyzer or spectrum analyzer unit to monitor the signal power performance without affecting traffic
Alarms and performance events monitoring Detects the optical power and reports the alarms and performance events for the board
Optical power adjustment Adjusts the optical power of each single-wavelength optical signal before multiplexing
Optical-layer ASON Supported
Optical specifications
Adjacent channel spacing 150GHz
Insertion loss ≤ 8db
Reflectance <-40db
Operating wavelength range UM40V01: 190.7125 to 196.5625
UM40V02: 190.7875 to 196.6375
Adjacent channel isolation ≥22db
Non-adjacent channel isolation ≥25db
Polarization dependent loss ≤1db
Maximum channel insertion loss difference ≤3db
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D,mm) 237.1x61x 220
Weight (kg) 2.2
Typical Power Consumption (W) 28
Maximum Power Consumption (W) 31
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