Huawei OSN 9800 M05/M12/M24 Extended C-band Super Backward Raman and Pluggable Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Hybrid Unit

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TNG3SRAPXF Extended C-band Super Backward Raman and Pluggable Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Hybrid Unit.

Apply to OSN 9800 M05, OSN 9800 M12 and OSN 9800 M24, it supports functions and features including gain adjustment, in-service optical performance monitoring, gain locking, and transient control

TNG3SRAPXF supports Optical-layer ASON and Quick turn-off of the Raman laser functions

TNG3SRAPXF supports Gain locking of the EDFA unit and Performance and alarm monitoring

SRAPXF is a fiber amplifier board. The board is integrated with a backward Raman unit, EDFA unit, and XFIU unit to amplify optical signals and multiplex/demultiplex signals on optical supervisory channels and main optical channels. The board is mainly used at the receive end.

Tech Specs
Front Panel
Valid Slots
OptiX OSN 9800 M05 Subrack: IU2-IU5
OptiX OSN 9800 M12 Subrack: IU2-IU13
OptiX OSN 9800 M24 Subrack: In 1:1 mode: IU2-IU6, IU8-IU12, IU14-IU18, IU20-IU24; In 1:3 mode: IU2-IU5, IU9-IU12, IU14-IU17, IU21-IU24
Initial Version of Different Subrack
M05: V100R019C10SPC600
M24/M12: V100R019C10SPC300
Function and Feature Description
Basic functions TNG3SRAPXF: Integrates with a backward Raman unit and a pluggable EDFA unit to amplify extended C-band optical signals, covering wavelengths within the range of 1528.8 nm to 1567.6 nm.
Supports transmission without working with an electrical regenerator for various spans.
Generates high-power pump light of multiple wavelengths to supply power for amplifying signal light in transmission fibers.
Supports the interlock switch. The interlock switch of a LINE port on the panel controls the power-on and power-off of the board and prevents eyes from being injured by laser when a fiber is inserted into or removed from the LINE port.
Integrates with a VOA module to adjust optical power.
Integrates with an XFIU module to multiplex the wavelengths from the main optical channel and optical supervisory channel to the line-side channel and implements the reverse process.
Achieves commissioning-free and compensation-free for IEEE 1588v2 signals in the single-fiber bidirectional scenario with dual-OSC configuration.
Pluggable optical amplifier module TNG3SRAPXF supports the following one-channel pluggable optical amplifier modules: TN52OACE101/TN52OACE105/TN52OACE106/TN52OACE107/TN52OACE108/TNG3OACE101/TNG3OACE105/TNG3OACE106/TNG3OACE107/TNG3OACE108.
Gain adjustment Supports continuous gain adjustment within the allowed gain ranges based on input optical power. The following uses the SRAPXF board specifications plugged with the TN52OACE108 module as an example:
G.652 fiber: 22 dB to 32 dB
LEAF/G.653 fiber/TWRS/TWC/TW+: 22 dB to 30 dB
G.654B fiber: 18 dB to 26 dB
G.656/Teralight/LS/G.654A fibers: 22 dB to 32 dB
In-service optical performance monitoring Provides an online monitoring optical port (MON). Through this optical port, a small number of optical signals can be output to an optical spectrum analyzer or an optical spectrum analyzer board. In this manner, the spectrum and optical performance of the multiplexed optical signals can be monitored without interrupting services.
Line fiber quality monitoring The line fiber quality monitoring function can be used on the NMS. Monitoring figures and data are displayed on the NMS. For details, see the FD system introduction in the Feature Description.
The SRAPXF board can also work with the AST2 board to use the line fiber quality monitoring function on the NMS. In this case, the SRAPXF board supports online and offline line fiber quality monitoring.
This function requires the FD system software license.
Working mode The Raman optical module supports the gain locking, maximum gain, and pump power locking modes.
The gain locking mode applies to the multi-span or single-short-span scenarios that use G.652, G.653, LEAF, TWRS, TW-C, TWPLUS, SMFLS, G.656, G.654A, TERA_LIGHT, or G.654B fibers. In this mode, the gain of the Raman optical module is tunable, and users can query the actual gain of the Raman optical module.
The maximum gain mode applies to the ultra-long single-span scenarios that use G.652, G.653, LEAF, TWRS, TW-C, TWPLUS, SMFLS, G.656, G.654A, TERA_LIGHT, or G.654B fibers. In this mode, the Raman optical module automatically adjusts its pump power to ensure that its gain reaches the maximum value. In addition, users can query the actual gain of the Raman optical module.
The pump power locking mode applies to the scenarios that use any fibers except G.652, G.653, LEAF, TWRS, TW-C, TWPLUS, SMFLS, G.656, G.654A, TERA_LIGHT, or G.654B, or to the scenarios in which the pump power of the Raman optical module needs to be adjusted manually.
The EDFA unit supports the gain locking and power locking modes.
In the gain locking mode, the gain of the EDFA unit is tunable and users can query the actual gain of the EDFA unit. The gain locking mode is enabled by default.
The power locking mode, locks the output optical power.
Transient control The EDFA unit of the board has the transient control function. When channels are added or dropped, the system can be upgraded or expanded without interrupting services if the optical power fluctuation is suppressed.
Fiber connection detection Provides a fiber connection detection (FCD) button and indicator on the front panel. You can press the FCD button on the front panel to trigger FCD, and identify the detection process and result based on the FCD indicator blinking frequency and indicator status. For details, see Front Panel.
Safe turn-on of the Raman laser When the Raman laser is turned on, the line fiber quality monitoring function is automatically enabled to detect fiber connections and therefore ensure that the laser is properly started, avoiding fiber burning due to inappropriate fiber connections.
If turning on the Raman laser fails, the line fiber quality monitoring function can be used to further identify fault points.
OSC operating wavelength range TM1/RM2: 1504.5nm to 1520nm
TM2/RM1: 1478nm to 1497.5nm
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 237.1 x 61.0 x 220.0
Weight (kg) 3.5
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