U2000V100R006C02SPC301 Installation Introduction_Part 1

In this introduction article, we take U2000V100R006C02SPC301 as example to show you how to install Huawei U2000, if there are other versions, please make the corresponding changes according the specific versions. The installation of the NMS will not be completed, if the operating system or the database version is incorrect. The fixed installation sequence for building this NMS platform is: OS, SQL 2008, SQL 2008 SP1, U2000.


The software version?

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 X64 with SP1 patch

Database: SQL Server 2008 with SP1 patch

U2000: U2000V100R006C02SPC301 software


1.Install Windows Server 2008 R2 OS

First of all, for this U2000 software version, you must use Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 64 bit as the running system, prefer server 2008. Optimize the system's memory as much as possible.

Windows Server 2008 R2 OS pic.jpg 


2.Install SQL Server 2008

2.1 Install SQL Server 2008

For database installation, there are a few important points need to note:

a. Setting a fixed IP for the network card

b. Install the database with Binary Sort Order

c. Pay attention to set the SA account password complexity, must meet the password complexity requirements of the U2000


Acquire the SQL software package, the database software package size is :1.68G.

SQL software package pic.jpg 

After decompression, the files are as follows:

files decompression.jpg 

1. Start to installation

Run the setup .exe.

2. Enter the process of copying files

Process of copying files pic.jpg 

3. Enter the setting tools of SLQ

Setting tools of SLQ pic.jpg 

Select the “Installation” option on the left side of the menu, click “New SQL Server stand-alone Installation or add” on the right side.


4. Check the OS Environmental System

OS Environmental System pic.jpg 

When install the software, the computer environment will be checked automatically. After all options are passed, then you can move to next step. As shown in the figure, when prompted to restart the computer, there is no need to restart the computer. Only need to modify the registry key value of the options related, and check again. If other inspection appears “Failed”, follow the prompts and search online.


5. System registration code verification

System registration code verification.jpg 

If there is no product key, you can use free edition as default. If you have the key, input it directly.


6. Agreement

Agreement pic.jpg 


7. Setup support files

Setup support files.jpg 


8. Install the needed software and set installation categories

Install software and set categories.jpg 


9. Set up the database instance name and categories

Set up the database instance name and categories.jpg 


10. Set up SQL user authentication mode

SQL user authentication mode.jpg 

Set up all options of “Account Name” and choose “Use the same account for all SQL Server service”

Set up all options pic.jpg 


You can make a drop-down selection from the triangle behind the “Account Name” in the figure above. No need to set up password.

The following figure is the result:

Result pic.jpg 


11. Set up the database installation method

When setting up the account, you must set the sorting method of the database installation

Database installation method pic.jpg 

Click “Collation”.

Click “Collation”.jpg 

The binary option must be selected, and set the sorting method according to the corresponding language.

Binary option pic-1.jpg

Binary option pic-2.jpg


12. Set up sa account password

 Set up sa account password.jpg

It is recommended to use Windows and SQL validation to login database, the sa account password must meet the following demands, otherwise, you have to modify your password when install U2000.

Password requirements.jpg 


13. Analysis services configuration

Analysis services configuration.jpg 

Setting the account of analysis services, and click “Add Current User”


14. Ready to install

Ready to install SQL Server 2008.jpg 


15. Installation progress

 Installation progress-1.jpg

 Installation progress-2.jpg

16. Complete



So far, the SQL Server 2008 installation has been completed. Regarding the installation of SQL 2008 SP1 and U2000, please refer to article: U2000V100R006C02SPC301 Installation Introduction_Part 2

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