UPS2000-G1 1 kVA-3 kVA UPS

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UPS2000-G1 1 kVA-3 kVA UPS

The power management software installed on computers, over RS232 ports, remotely monitors the operating status and electrical parameters, and communicates with the UPS.

It is a new generation of green power supplies. It uses the active power factor correction (PFC) technology to save power and harmonic pollution.

It is small, light, efficient, and reliable.

It is protected against input overvoltage, output overvoltage, and battery undervoltage, and provides triple protection against overcurrent. It overcomes the problems of poor adaptability to electric grids and weak resistance to current impact.

The UPS2000 uses a unique quick detection technology so that it can adapt to a wide AC input voltage range. Even when the AC input voltage fluctuates in a wide range, the UPS2000 still powers loads in normal mode. This ensures that all power supplied to loads is from the power grid and storage batteries maintain 100% battery amount all the time, reducing their charge and discharge cycles and extending their lifespan.

Tech Specs
Item  UPS2000-G1-1kVA UPS2000-G1-3kVA
Input Rectifier AC input Rated input voltage  220 / 230 / 240 V AC
Input voltage range 125–275 V AC (When the input voltageis 125 V AC, 50% rated load is allowed.When the voltage ranges from 125 V AC to 165 V AC, the load power should bederated.)
Input system Single-phase, three-wire and PE
Input frequency  50 Hz / 60 Hz (tolerance ±10%)
Input power factor > 0.95
Bypass input Rated input voltage 220 / 230 / 240 V AC
Bypass synchronized range 50 Hz / 60 Hz (tolerance ±10%)
Input system Single-phase, three-wire and PE
Battery Battery voltage  36 V DC 96 V DC
Number of batteries 3 (12 V for each) 8 (12 V for each)
Float voltage 40.9 V DC 109 V DC
Equalized charging voltage 42 V DC 112 V DC
End of discharge voltage 31.5–33.6 V DC(automatically adjusted based on the load power) 84.0–89.6 V DC(automatically adjusted based on the load power)
Output Rated power 1 kVA / 0.7 kW 3 kVA / 1 kW
Voltage 220 / 230 / 240 V AC (tolerance ±2%)
Frequency Normal mode: The UPS output phase is the same as the bypass input phase when synchronized.Battery mode: 50 Hz / 60 Hz (tolerance ±0.5%)
Waveform Sine wave (The total harmonic distortion [THD] at linear loads is less than 3%.)
Switchover time 4 ms for the UPS to transfer from the normal or battery mode to the bypass mode
0 ms for the UPS to transfer from the normal mode to the battery mode
Overload duration 105%–130% rated load: The UPS transfers to the bypass after 60 seconds.
130%–150% rated load: The UPS transfers to the bypass after 30 seconds.
≥ 150% rated load: The UPS works properly for 300 ms.
Output mode Three IEC-compliant C13 sockets are provided.
Enviro nment Operating temperature 0–40°C
Storage temperature  –20°C to +55°C (After the UPS has been stored or transported at –20°C, do not install it until its temperature has been kept at 0°C for four hours.)
Humidity 0%–95% (non-condensing)
Altitude ≤ 1500 m
When the altitude is greater than 1500 m,the output capacity should be derated as required by the IEC 60146-1-2.
Acoustical noise < 45 dB
Certifi cation Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Complying with the EN/IEC 60240-2
Safety and regulatory Complying with the EN/IEC 60240-1
Mecha nical specifi cations Dimensions (H x W x D) Tower-mounted UPS (including supports): 450 mm x 176 mm x 500 mm Rack-mounted UPS (including mounting ears): 86 mm x 480 mm x 500 mm
Rack-mounted UPS (excluding mounting ears): 86 mm x 440 mm x 500 mm
Weight  8.2 kg 11.2 kg
Others Alarm The UPS generates alarms for abnormal AC input supply, UPS faults, battery undervoltage, and overloads.
Protection The UPS is protected against battery  undervoltage, overload, short circuits,overtemperature, input undervoltage, and input overvoltage.
Communication The UPS supports RS232.
Backup time Short backup time: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc Long backup time: 1 or 4 hours
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