What is RTU License of Huawei WDM OTN Equipment?

Right To Use (RTU) is a part of hardware. It is used to authorize hardware capabilities in installments, such as capacities, ports, and cross-connect degrees . RTU is a license for the use of hardware resources and has the same lifecycle as hardware.


Using RTUs to provision services requires the following:

  1. Hardware: subracks, boards, and optical modules that support RTUs
  2. RTU certificate: setting the number and type of RTUs that have been applied for
  • Reduced initial investment: The RTU provides customers with a method of purchasing hardware capabilities in installments, which can significantly reduce initial investment and quickly achieve balance between income and expenditure.Huawei WDM OTN RUT License-1
  • Improved slot utilization: The per-slot capability is improved by two times to more than four times, saving a large number of slots and subracks.WDM OTN RTU License-2
  • Reduced OPEX: Services can be provisioned by remotely loading RTUs. Therefore, customers do not need to install hardware boards onsite to achieve capacity expansion.WDM RTU License
RTU Types
Huawei WDM OTN products like OSN 9800, OSN 1800 support four types of RTUs, as shown in below Figure RTU types and functions

Huawei OptiX OSN 1800 II


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RTU Types
No. RTU Type Function
1 Port enabling RTU Controls the number of available ports. There are client-side port enabling RTUs and line-side port enabling RTUs.
2 Line capacity RTU Controls the capacities of line ports.
3 OXC line/tributary board degree RTU Controls the optical cross-connect degrees that can be configured for optical line and tributary boards.
4 OXC subrack OCh add/drop RTU Controls the number of OChs that can be configured in an OXC subrack.

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