What is the Meaning of Huawei ONT Indicators?

Indicators of Huawei GPON ONT have different meanings; and the light status represents whether the ONT work normally or not. For details, see the Quick Start delivered with an ONT.

Table 1 Meaning of Indicators on an ONT
Indicator Description Status Description
CATV CATV port LED Steady on The CATV function is enabled and CATV signals are received.
Off The CATV function is disabled or CATV signals are not received.
WPS WPS LED Steady on The WPS function is enabled.
Blinking A Wi-Fi terminal is accessing the system.
Off The WPS function is disabled.
WLAN WLAN LED Steady on The WLAN function is enabled.
Blinking Data is being transmitted on the WLAN port.
Off The WLAN function is disabled.
USB USB port LED Steady on The USB port is connected and is working in the host mode, but no data is transmitted.
Blinks quickly (twice per   second) Data is being transmitted on the USB port.
Off The USB port is not connected.
TEL1–TEL2 Voice telephone port LED Steady on The ONT is registered with the softswitch but no service flows are transmitted.
Blinking Service flows are transmitted.
Off The ONTl is not powered on or fails to be registered to the softswitch.
LAN1–LAN4 Ethernet port LED Steady on The Ethernet connection is in the normal state.
Blinking Data is being transmitted on the Ethernet port.
Off The Ethernet connection is not set up.
LOS Connection LED See Table 2.
PON Authentication LED See Table 2.
POWER Power supply LED Steady on The ONT is powered on.
Off The power supply is cut off.


Table 2 Meaning of PON and LOS  Indicators
No. Indicator Status Description
1 Off Off The ONT is prohibited by the upper-layer device or blinks abnormally, contact the service provider for help.
2 Blinks twice a second Blinks twice a second
3 Blinks twice a second Off The ONT attempts to set up a connection with its upper-layer device.
4 Steady on Off A connection is set up   between the PON terminal and its upper-layer device.
5 Off Blinks once two seconds The ONT is not connected to optical fibers or does not receive optical signals.
6 Blinks once two seconds Blinks once two seconds The hardware is faulty.


If the Huawei ONT you used has some problem, firstly you can check the lights status, and check the problem according to above tables to do fault location. If still cannot check out the problem, you can contact


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