Why Huawei HG8546M ONT cannot access its WEB interface via OLT MA5800-X7


It is known that we can easily access ONT Web interface remotely via OLT, but we found HG8546M ONT can’t be managed remotely via MA5800-X7 even if ONT has been already connected to OLT and can be assigned IP.

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Handling Process

  1. First, we need to find “Security-Device Access Control-WAN Services-Enable the WAN-side PC to access the device through FTTP”on the web interface, then click “Apply”. Thus we can login by LAN port and check whether this item is chosen or not because in default some ONTs are chosen while some are not. If not, please enable this item.
  2. Second, we enter “Device Access Control”interface, showing “On this page, you can enable or disable permissions to access the devices”. But only “WiFi Service” interface appears. We find no access to “Enable the WAN-side PC to access the device through FTTP”.
  3. Third, please kindly check which users you login? is it root? If yes, you may need use admin username and password with higher level permission to re-login.

  1. After using admin username login, we finally find this item“Enable the WAN-side PC to access the device through FTTH”, thus enblae it and then click “Apply”.

Root Cause

Root users with low level permission may have no access to “WAN Service – Enable the WAN-side PC to access the device through FTTP”


Using admin username and password with higher level permission to login.

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