ZTE OLT System Test Procedure

OLT, which stands for Optical Line Terminal, it provides centralized control, aggregation, conversion, security, service provisioning, and troubleshooting capabilities, one tiny problem may cause massive internet subscribers offline.

Thus, in order to contribute to a better customer experience, increased satisfaction, and a reliable and robust fiber optic network environment. The thunder-link team ensures every OLT will be tested by the engineers comprehensively before delivering to customers. This article will introduce the test procedures of the ZTE OLT.


Preparation for the Testing

Software and Hardware Requirements

a) Shelves and boards are connected properly. (take C300 as an example).

b) The power supply is available, and the device is already started.

c) ZTE OLT dedicated serial cable; different brands of OLT use different serial cables. For details, please refer to the article: OLT Serial Cable Description

d) TheOMM software is installed. Such as PuTTY, SecureCRT, etc.

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Testing Procedure

Configure the debugging and maintenance terminal for the serial interface.

a) Connect the console interface of the control and switching board to the serial interface of the debugging terminal (PC) by using a debugging cable.

b) On the debugging PC, run the terminal tool (take SecureCRT as an example).

c) On the SecureCRTConfiguration dialog box, select Connection

d) Select a COM port (COM3)in accordance with the cable connection on the serial interface. Set the Baud Rate to 9600

Note: The baud rate of the ZXA10 C600/C650/C620 switching and control board is 115200.


Logging In to the C300

a) In serial interface mode, run the en command and zxr10 password at the ZXAN> prompt to enter the administrator mode. The prompt changes to ZXAN#.

b) In ZXAN#mode, run the configure terminal to enter global configuration mode (ZXAN(config)#).

c) In ZXAN(config)#mode, run the following commands to get detailed device info:

To… Do… Example
Displays board information to ensure system compatibility and all boards functional.



Run show card command ZXAN(config)#show card

Rack Shelf Slot CfgType RealType Port    HardVer SoftVer         Status


1    0     1    PRWG    PRWG     0     V1.0.1                  INSERVICE

1    1     1    PRWG    PRWG     0     V1.0.0                  INSERVICE

1    1     2    GTGH    GTGHG    16    V1.0.0  V2.1.0          INSERVICE

1    1     3    GTGH    GTGHG    16    V1.0.0  V2.1.0          INSERVICE

1    1     4    GTGH    GTGHG    16    V1.0.0  V2.1.0          INSERVICE

1    1     5    GTGH    GTGHG    16    V1.0.0  V2.1.0          INSERVICE

1    1     10   SCTM    SCTMB    5     V1.0.0  V2.1.0          INSERVICE

1    1     11   SCTM    SCTMB    5     V1.0.0  V2.1.0          STANDBY

1    1     19   HUVQ    HUVQ     4     V1.0.0  V2.1.0          INSERVICE

1    1     20   HUVQ    HUVQ     4     V1.0.0  V2.1.0          INSERVICE

Displays board details, especially the serial number of the boards.


SN will be recorded for warranty purposes.

Run show equip-detail command ZXAN(config)#show equip-detail

Slot SubCard RealType SoftVer BootVer  CpldVer M-code    SN


0            PRWG                              090301    275823000566

1            PRWG                              090301    275823000307

2            GTGHG    V2.1.0  V4.0.5   V1.3    140901    710520100046

3            GTGHG    V2.1.0  V4.0.5   V1.3    140901    710520100035

4            GTGHG    V2.1.0  V4.0.5   V1.3    140901    704375200619

5            GTGHG    V2.1.0  V4.0.5   V1.3    140901    708415902131

10           SCTMB    V2.1.0  V4.0.11  V1.7    130102    707846100197

11           SCTMB    V2.1.0  V4.0.11  V1.7    130102    707846100185

19           HUVQ     V2.1.0  V4.0.0   V1.3    120300    714432901379

20           HUVQ     V2.1.0  V4.0.7   V1.3    120300    702318900794

Display information on specific board Run show card rackno x shelfno x slotno x command ZXAN(config)#show card rackno 1 shelfno 1 slotno 2

Config-Type   :           Status              : HWONLINE

Real-Type     : GTGHG     Serial-Number       :

Port-Number   : N/A       BootROM-VER         : V4.0.5  2014-12-17 13:37:42

PCB-VER       : 140901    Software-VER        : V1.2.5P3  2015-01-05 03:42:43

Cpld-VER      : V1.3

Phy-Mem-Size  : 0MB       Main-CPU            : PowerPC Processor

Cpu-Usage     : 0%        Cpu-Alarm-Threshold : 100%

Mem-Usage     : 0%        Mem-Alarm-Threshold : 100%

Last restart reason: Power-off

Uptime        : 0 Day , 0 Hours , 0 Minutes , 0 Second

Displays modules information (SN, Tx Power, etc) Run show interface optical-module-info gpon-olt_x/x/x command ZXAN(config)# show interface optical-module-info gpon-olt_1/2/1

Optical module information:gpon-olt_1/2/1


Vendor-Name    : EOPTOLINK INC            Vendor-Pn      : EOLSGT35DZTE1DM

Vendor-Sn      : SH8R868045               Version-Lev    : 1.0

Production-Date: 170919                   Module-Type    : SFP/SFP+

Wavelength     : 1490      (nm)           Connector      : SC

OTDR           : NON-OTDR                 OTDR-Version   : N/A

Fiber-Type     : N/A

Class          : GPON/C+

Trans-Distance : 20(km)

Material-Number: N/A

Register-Data  : N/A


RxPower        : N/A                      TxPower      : 4.785(dbm)

TxBias-Current : 30.566    (mA)           Laser-Rate   : 25(100Mb/s)

Temperature    : 30.566    (c)            Supply-Vol   : 3.249(v)


RxPower-Upper    : 3  (dbm)               RxPower-Lower    : -34(dbm)

TxPower-Upper    : 9  (dbm)               TxPower-Lower    : -14(dbm)

Bias-Upper       : 131(mA)                Bias-Lower       : 0  (mA)

Voltage-Upper    : 7  (v)                 Voltage-Lower    : 0  (v)

Temperature-Upper: 90 (c)                 Temperature-Lower: -45(c)

Configuration-Module-Class: N/A

More important, we will ensure Active/standby control boards are synchronized to the same version in order to switch properly. The mainstream software version will be loaded by default, or you may contact if required following software version: