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ZXA10 C600 8 10GE bundle

ZXA10 C600 8 10GE bundle

PN: 21922379
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ZTE ZXA10 C600 Chassis with dual control board, 8 10GE uplink, dual DC board
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Chassis with 2xcontrol board, 8x10GE uplink, 2xDC power board

Comes with 2PCS DC power cables, 1PCS earth cable

ZTE ZXA10 C600 19-inch, 11U height Chassis 

Provides 17 service slots for plugging user-side line cards and network-side line cards

Provides redundant control & switch card on the control plane, and supports dual matrix load balancing on the forwarding plane.

Supports ISSU and NSR.

Supports 16-port GPON cards, 16-port XGS-PON/ XG-PON/Combo PON/10G-EPON cards, 16-port 10GE cards and 48-port GE P2P cards.

Supports multiple services including VoIP, HSI, IPTV, VPN, and mobile backhaul.

Supports CFM functions defined by 802.1ag.

Supports Type-B/C PON protection, Ethernet and IP service protection, and redundant protection of the switch & control cards, power cards, fans, and uplink interfaces.

Provides enriched equipment security, system security, network security and service security features.

ZTE ZXA10 C600 is a unified platform that supports multiple access technologies including GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, Combo PON, 10G-EPON and GE P2P, as well as smooth migration to 50G PON, and provides L2 switch, VLAN service, L3 routing protocol and service processing capabilities, supports flexible configurations and suits multiple application scenarios.

Tech Specs
Switching capacity of backplane bus (Tbit/s)14
System switching capacity (Tbit/s)7.2
Switching capacity of system layer 2 packet forwarding rateDistributed unblocked forwarding
Switching card switching capacity3.6 Tbit/s (single switching board SFUL/SFULV/SFUH/SFUHV)
Switching and forwarding delay

Upstream: ≤1500 μs

Downstream: ≤100 μs

Full load bit error rate10 e-9 (full load transmission)
Dimensions (mm)486.1 (H) × 482.6 (W) × 288.5 (D)

18 (empty)

<52 (full configuration

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  1. Bulgaria
    Need to test XGPON or XGSPON in new C600, because XGPON becomes more and more popular. C300 is very old model, we plan to change it step by step.
  2. Chile
    C600 is packed very well, and thanks for sending us uplink modules for free.
  3. Iraq
    The ZXA10 C600 is large-capacity optical access equipment, it meets the full-scenario access needs of ultra-high bandwidth, I purchased 1 unit to test if it is the correct one which I need.
  4. Argentina
    Received C600 with well protected package, we test it and learn its command, engineer is really a good guide.
  5. Phillippines
    Baught this model in promotion with a good price, save a lot.
  6. Ecuador
    one set C600 with 500pcs F660 finally arrived, we waited for long time, but all these items are very nice.
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