Buying a H901CSHF, but actually it is H901FLHF

With FTTx fast development, XGPON and XGSPON become more and more popular these years, XGPON is largely commercial deployed in some areas (both Huawei and ZTE XGPON products are demanded ), while XGSPON is not widely used even in China, only for test, except for Spain and Philippine market. Since in 2021 until now, many internet service providers in Spain requires Huawei MA5800 series OLT with XGSPON board CSHF, a customer’s original feedback is “In our marked there is an increasing interest in XG and XGS equipment”

CATV GPON ONT solution, choose one that meets your needs

ISPs (Internet service provider) always provide triple package to the subscribers, which includes Fiber Internet, TV, and telephone/Call. If subscriber choose a package with TV service, ISP will supply an optical network terminal (ONT) with CATV/RF port. Under this situation, most ISPs will source CATV ONT with only 1000M, 2.4G WiFi or high-end 2.4&5G WiFi in China.