Huawei TNU2U401 TNV2U401 TNU3U401 TNU4U401 Comparison

Huawei OSN 9800 supports several 10G 40G 100G and 200G Universal Line Service Processing Boards,such as 10G TNV1N210 TNV1N220, 40G TNV1N302 TNU1N302, 100G TNU1N402 TNU2N402; There are different functional versions of these boards, for example 100G U401 board has four functional versions: TNU2, TNU3, TNV2, and TNU4. They all supported by the OptiX OSN 9800 U64/U32/U16, but they are different in functions features and appearance, this article will mainly introduce the comparison of TNU2U401, TNV2U401, TNU3U401 and TNU4U401