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PN: 03030FWM
Wavelength Monitored Unit 
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  • Supports the centralized monitoring of the wavelengths on the OTU board at the transmit end in the system with wavelengths at 50 GHz/100 GHz channel spacing. 

  • Performs centralized monitoring of the fixed-wavelengths on the OTU at the transmit end in a transmission system.

  • Support monitor the wavelengths in two different optical transmit directions.

  • Support Optical-layer ASON

    TN11WMU01 is a Wavelength Monitored board, to monitors the wavelengths at a 50 GHz/100 GHz channel spacing in the system. TN11WMU01 part number is 03030FWM.

Tech Specs
Front Panel

There are indicators and interfaces on the front panel of the WMU board.


Valid Slot

OSN 8800 T32 subrack: TN11WMU01 can be installed in slots IU1-IU8, IU11-IU27, IU29-IU36

OSN 8800 T16 subrack: TN11WMU01 can be installed in slots IU1-IU18

OSN 8800 platform subrack: TN11WMU01 can be installed in slots IU1-IU16

OSN 6800 subrack: TN11WMU01 can be installed in slots IU1-IU17

Optical Interface Parameter
Operating wavelength rangenm1529-1561
Adjacent channel spacingGHz50/100
Perchannel input optical power rangedBm-36 to -16
Detect accuracy for central wavelengthGHz<2.5
Detect accuracy for single channel optical powerdB<2
Detect range for Central wavelength offsetGHz-10 to 10
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (mm)25.4 (W) x 220(D) x 264.6 (H)
Weight (kg)1


Q: How many hardware version WMU have?

A: WMU is available in one functional version, namely, TN11.  The mapping between the board and equipment as below:

BoardGeneral 8800 T64 SubrackEnhanced 8800 T64 SubrackGeneral 8800 T32 SubrackEnhanced 8800 T32 Subrack8800 T16 Subrack8800 Universal Platform Subrack6800 Subrack3800 Chassis

Q: Can I return/exchange board if not compatible with my system?

A: Yes, please tell our sales team your system and main control board version, before purchase.

Q: The board is new or refurbished?

A: Yes, it is original new, not been used.

Q: What is the lead time for TN11WMU01 board?

A: In normal condition is 5 days, better to confirm with our sales team before your purchase.


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