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Test Report

Quality is our top priority, each equipment will be strictly tested before delivery, the test report will be packed inside equipment and shipped together. The test entries include system software version, service board series number, service board status, and even optical module status.


SN will be recorded for warranty purpose.

(Here in Test report, only chassis SN will be recorded, boards and modules SN will be shown in Packing List.)


Software can be loaded as demaned.

(Mainstream version will be loaded by default delivery, your requirement will also be adopted.)


Active/standby mainboard will be synchronized to make sure they can switch properly.

(some mainboards from open market can not be interoperable due to differnent versions, if not been tested, system may not run in normal status.)


Display all equipped boards to ensure system compatibility and all boards functional.

(OSN series have tight version mapping, thus some service board may not be compatible with certain firmware version, risks can be eliminated after this test.)

System will be power on at least twice

1, After loading software, boards will be equipped, autofinding, confirming, untill all needed information have been recorded, then power off.
2, Power on again, to make sure mainboard and service board can start up normally, system won't be delivered if any exception occured.


Each GPON optical module TX power will be tested

(OSN series have tight version mapping, some service board may not be compatible with certain firmware version, risks can be eliminated after this test.)