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PN: 03032241
Metro3000 System Control Board
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Hardware Tested

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Hardware Compatibility

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Software Compatibility

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Software compatibility test between active/standby system board, main control board and service board, mother/sub-card; system commissioning test to prevent all software conflicts.

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Metro 3000 System Control Board.

Apply to Metro 3000 equipment.

Processes D1–D12 bytes to perform communications among NEs.

Provides the 64 kbit/s co-directional data interface F1.

Provides four point-to-point data serial ports Serial 1, Serial 2, Serial 3 and Serial 4 for transparent transmission. 

Processes and stores performance events and alarms from other functional modules of the equipment.

Supports the 1+1 Hot Backup for the SCC Unit protection schemes.


SS62SCC is a System Control board for Huawei Metro 3000, provide system control, orderwire, communication and system power supply monitoring. Part number is 03032241, Normally configure as 1+1 redundancy.

Tech Specs
Front Panel

The front panel of the SS62SCC has indicators and a bar code.

Valid Slot

Metro 3000 : The SS62SCC can be installed in any slots.

Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (mm)340 (W) x 24(D) x 218.5 (H)


Q: Can I use only one SCC board in Metro 3000?

A: Yes, you can, but that highly not recommended.

Q: How many version does SCC have?

A: SCC is available in one functional version: Namely 62.

Q: The board is new or refurbished?

A: Yes, it is original new, not been used.

Q: Can I return/exchange board if not compatible with my system?

A: Yes, please tell our sales team your system and main control board version, before your purchase.

Q: What is the lead time for SS62SCC board?

A: In normal condition is 5 days, better to confirm with our sales team before your purchase.

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