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TN53NS201 Tunable

TN53NS201 Tunable

PN: 03021DHQ
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Huawei OSN6800 OSN8800 10G Line Service Processing Board With 800 ps/nm-C Band-Tunable Wavelength-NRZ-PIN-XFP
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Single 10G line service processing board, equipped with pluggable 800 ps/nm-C Band-Tunable Wavelength-NRZ-PIN-XFP on WDM side, can apply to Huawei OSN6800 and OSN8800.

Converts 8xODU0/4xODU1/1xODU2/2xODUflex into 1xOTU2, or 1xODU2e into 1xOTU2e.

Available functional versions of NS2 are TN11, TN12, TN52, and TN53.

Supports OTU2/OTU2e interface on the WDM side.

Supports the OTN frame format and overhead processing by referring to the ITU-T G.709.

OTU2 layer: supports the SM function.

ODUk (k=0, 1, 2) layer: supports the PM and TCM function, and PM and TCM non-intrusive monitoring functions.

ODUflex layer: supports the PM function and PM non-intrusive monitoring functions.

Supports ESC function.

Supports PRBS function on the WDM side.

Supports ITU-T G.709-compliant forward error correction (FEC) on the WDM side.

Supports ITU-T G.975.1-compliant AFEC-2 on the WDM side.

Supported Physical clock only when the TN53NS2 board receives ODU0/ODU1/ODUflex signals cross-connected from the backplane.

Supports Optical-layer ASON.

Supports Electrical-layer ASON.

Supports ODUk SNCP.

Supports intra-board 1+1 protection (when working with the OLP/DCP/QCP board).

Supports OWSP protection.

Supports ODUk SPRing protection.

Supports tributary SNCP protection.


TN53NS201 is a single 10G OTN line board applied to Huawei OSN6800 and OSN8800, converts 8xODU0/4xODU1/1xODU2/2xODUflex into 1xOTU2, or 1xODU2e into 1xOTU2e.

TN53NS201 WDM-side optical module is pluggable, this TN53NS201 equipped with two piece of 800 ps/nm-C Band-Tunable Wavelength-NRZ-PIN-XFP. You can choose fixed wavelength module at the available option or contact [email protected] before purchase.

Tech Specs
Front Panel
There are indicators and interfaces on the TN53NS201 front panel.

Valid Slot

OptiX OSN 8800 T64 subrack:IU1-IU8, IU11-IU42, IU45-IU68

OptiX OSN 8800 T32 subrack:IU1-IU8, IU12-IU27, IU29-IU36

OptiX OSN 8800 T16 subrack:IU1-IU8, IU11-IU18

OptiX OSN 6800 subrack:IU1-IU8, IU11-IU16

OptiX OSN 3800 chassis:IU2-IU5

WDM-side pluggable optical module specifications (tunable wavelengths)
Optical Module Type 800 ps/nm-C Band-Tunable Wavelength-NRZ-PIN-XFP
Line code format NRZ
Transmitter parameter specifications at point S
Maximum mean launched power(dBm) 2
Minimum mean launched power(dBm) -1
Minimum extinction ratio(dB) 10
Operating frequency range(THz) 192.10 to 196.05
Center frequency deviation(GHz) ±5
Maximum -20 dB spectral width(nm) 0.3
Minimum side mode suppression ratio(dB) 35
Dispersion tolerance(ps/nm) 800
Receiver parameter specifications at point R
Receiver type PIN
Operating wavelength range(nm) 1250 to 1600
Receiver sensitivity, EOL(FEC on)(dBm) -16
Minimum receiver overload(FEC on)(dBm) 0
Maximum reflectance -27
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions of front panel 264.6(H) x 25.4(W) x 220(D)
Weight(kg) 1
Power Consumption(W) Typical Power Consumption:20
Maximum Power Consumptiona:24



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  1. United States
    Spare part for OSN 8800 T32, thunder-link has it in stock, send out once we paid, very efficient. Can TN52ND2T02 work with TN53NS2?
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