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Can the 10G GPON or GPON Channel of CGHF be Closed?

There is a Huawei MA5800 X15 OLT configured with 10GPON & GPON combo card CGHF, can the GPON or 10G GPON channel of CGHF be closed, to work as only a GPON or 10GPON card?

After consulting Huawei R & D department, the GPON or 10G GPON channel of CGHF cannot be closed permanent, only temporary closed for about 5 minutes for attenuation test purpose.

Then how to close the 10G GPON or GPON channel and what is the close command? Below we test close 10G GPON channel on MA5800 X15 R18.

NOTE: Firmware version after R18, if your OLT is R18 or below version, you need upgrade your OLT to R19.


1, Firmware upgrade from R18 to R19




2, Input close command

port 0 laser-select

This command may cause the ONTs under the PON port to go offline.             

Are you sure to execute this command? (y/n)[n]:y  



3, After about 5 minutes later, 10G channel will turn on again automatically.



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