What is 100G SFP Module

With the rapid development of the optical communication industry and the increase of demands, the low-speed optical modules in the previous time have been unable to meet the requirements of transmission. Under such circumstances, the 100G optical modules are more and more attentive in the market due to their high speed.

Introduction for Huawei ME60 Cards

ME60 series router includes ME60-X3, X8, X8A, X16 and X16A, with different slots qty, capacity and performance. Also it has various cards such as control and switching cards SRU SFU, mother card BUSF, service cards BP240 BP100, and NAT cards VSUF160, SP160 etc. This article will briefly introduce the naming rules and specifications comparison of ME60 mainstream cards.

Huawei NE40E System Test Procedure

Huawei enterprise router BRAS ME60, core router NE40E and NE8000 are very popular in domestic and overseas market. Especially in China, many distributors swarm into this field. Most of them have no websites and test labs, they source routers in the market, or just swap out some router cards from scrapped chassis, and then sell them to overseas customers directly without any test.