How to manage and maintain the MA5820 Series ONU

How to manage and maintain the MA5820 Series ONU

The MA5820 Series supports fiber to the building (FTTB) and fiber to the curb (FTTC) network applications for providing voice, data, and multicast services for community users. The MA5821 can be used for video monitoring.

The MA5821 supports a fixed number of FE lines. The MA5822 supports a fixed number of FE and POTS lines for residential users.

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Through the features of wide coverage, flexible networking, and low maintenance cost of the GPON network, theMA5820 Series can work with the OLT to provide high-bandwidth access services for users and at the same time expand the access capacity of the OLT.

In a video monitoring network, the MA5821s are located at monitored points and the OLT is located at the monitoring center. The OLT is connected to the MA5821s using optical splitters with equal split ratio. The service process is as follows:

1, The video monitoring device encapsulates monitored information into Ethernet packets and transmits the packets to the MA5821.

2, After converting the received information from electrical signals to optical signals, the MA5821s transmit the information upstream to the OLT using PON ports.

3, The OLT forwards the received information to other monitoring devices, such as a storage server, management terminal, and video decoder, at the monitoring center.

4, The other monitoring devices decode and store the video information.

There are two methods to manage and maintain the devices:

You can use the command line interface (CLI) to log in to the MA5820 Series by means of the serial port or optical line terminal (OLT) and to manage and maintain the device.

How to manage and maintain the MA5820 Series ONU-1

You can manage and maintain optical network units (ONUs) using the iManager U2000 network management system (U2000).

The U2000 provides abundant management functions including the following: security management, topology management, alarm management, performance management, inventory resources management, log management, database management, network element (NE) communication parameter management, NE software management, report management, and system monitoring.

The U2000 communicates with ONUs using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and supports inband and outband management modes. The below picture shows an example network of ONU management using the U2000.

How to manage and maintain the MA5820 Series ONU-2

  • Inband network management mode: In this mode, the interaction messages between the U2000 and an ONU are transmitted over the service channel of the ONU and no additional device is required. This mode is cost-effective and supports flexible networking. However, the maintenance operations cannot be performed if the device service channel becomes faulty.
  • Outband network management mode: In this mode, the interaction messages between the U2000 and an ONU are transmitted through a non-service channel. This mode provides a more reliable device management channel. When a fault occurs on the device, users can use the dedicated management channel to locate the fault and monitor the device in real time. This mode requires an additional device to provide a management channel that is independent of the device service channel.