How to Set the Layer 2 Isolation on U2000?

Layer 2 Isolation prevents communication between wired and wireless clients in the network. This enables every wireless or wired subscriber to be not able to communicate to each other even they are within the same subnet. Nobody allows his/her data to be shared with anyone else. So, this article we are going to show you how to set the Layer 2 Isolation on Huawei U2000.

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Navigation Path

1. Choose Configuration > Access Profile Management (traditional style) from the main menu or select Fix-Network NE Configuration in Application Center and choose Access Service > Access Profile Management (application style) from the main menu.

2. In the dialog box that is displayed, choose System Parameter Profile from the navigation tree.

3. On the System Parameter Profile tab page, select the required device type from the Device Type drop-down list. In the information list, right-click and choose Add Global Profile from the shortcut menu.

4. In the dialog box that is displayed, enter the name of the system parameter profile. Choose all parameters from the Parameters for Selection navigation tree, add the parameters to the Selected Parameters navigation tree, and then click Next.

5. Select VLAN > Layer 2 Isolation from the System Parameter Settings navigation tree.



When Layer 2 isolation is disabled, Layer 2 bridging can be implemented directly if two users require Layer 2 bridging. They do not need to send the packets to the upper-layer gateway to implement the Layer 3 bridging.

Layer 2 bridging is supported by EPON, Huawei GPBC, and Huawei GPBD boards only. In addition, these boards must cooperate with the Huawei SCUL board to implement Layer 2 bridging.

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Parameter Description

Table 1 Parameters required for configuring the Layer 2 Isolation




Layer 2 isolation status

Specifies whether to enable Layer 2 isolation.


Enumerated type. The options are as follows:


Enable: disable global Layer 2 bridging



Disable: enable global Layer 2 bridging


Default: Enable.


Implementing Layer 2 Isolation is important on wireless networks in hotels, restaurants and other public locations. Through this article, I believe you have mastered how to set the Layer 2 Isolation on Huawei U2000. If there are any questions, please consult with our supports team: [email protected]

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