Huawei OLT Flex-PON Solution

Flex-PON Solution

In the transition to higher bandwidth Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) networks, with the rapid expansion of user expectations, operators are confronted with achieving a smooth transition to XG(S)-PON while protecting existing investment and simplifying engineering reconstruction.

Therefore, Huawei offers the revolutionary OLT Flex-PON solution based on the MA5800 series OLT, a next-generation large-capacity distributed smart OLT platform.

According to the Huawei official, by August 2019, Huawei OLT Flex-PON solution has passed admission tests and trial uses of 55 operators around the world, and has been successfully deployed in 8 operator networks.

So what is the Flex-PON solution and how does it work to implement smooth network evolution from GPON to XG(S)-PON? Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Flex-PON?

Flex-PON is a flexible PON solution that works together with the ONU to provide XG(S)-PON and GPON access services. It supports multiple port modes, including:

  • GPON (default)
  • XG-PON
  • XG-PON/GPON Combo
  • XGS-PON/GPON Combo

How does Flex-PON work?

As we have learned what is the Flex-PON, let’s explore how it works to implement smooth network evolution from GPON to XG(S)-PON. The evolution process must be completed in the following steps:

Take H901FLHF as an example, it is a 16-port Flex-PON OLT interface board.


By default, the ports are in GPON mode. It can only provide GPON service as equipped with GPON SFP C+ installed without loading an RTU to the NMS. If you want to upgrade to XG-PON service, XG-PON SFP+ module and a 10G PON RTU are required.

Specifically, you need to load a 10G PON RTU into the NMS to activate the port, run the port flex-mode command to set the port mode to XG-PON, then replace the GPON SFP C+ module with an XG-PON SFP+ module and add an XG-PON ONU. Finally, configure the XG-PON service.


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From the above, we may safely arrive at the conclusion that Huawei OLT Flex-PON solution is a valuable tool for operators seeking to maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving world of internet connectivity.

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