Introduction for Huawei S5732-H RTU License

Huawei S5732-H series switch are full-10GE(Multi-GE capable) switches developed by Huawei for the Wi-Fi 6 era, it supports 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G Base-T, but the ports support 2.5GE by default, you can purchase RUT (right-to-use) licenses to upgrade the port rate (every 12 ports per RTU license) from 2.5GE to 5GE, or 10GE. This article will mainly introduce the RUT license.


What is RUT license?

  • A new license option
  • Pay base on your needs
  • Get more from your investments
  • One to many, GE to M-Gig

 RTU license

Types of RUT license?

Definition Each RTU activate every 12 ports


GE-> 2.5GE RTU2


2.5GE ->5GE




5GE-> 10GE RTU4


GE -> 5GE




2.5GE-> 10GE RTU6


GE-> 10GE


Two Basic Models + Innovative RTU Licenses = 45 Models

Enabling On-Demand GE, 2.5GE, 5GE, and 10GE Configurations

S5732- H24UM2CC and S5732- H48UM2CC adopt the RTU license mode, enabling port capabilities to be configured and scaled out on demand. The switches are available in two full-GE basic models and can evolve to 43 brand-new port models through six types of RTU licenses (One RTU license per 12 ports).

RTU License

Example: The 24-port GE model can evolve into nine brand-new port models through RTU licenses.

RTU License

Some questions and answers about RUT license?

 RTU license Q&A

Q: Can you start with 12-port and then add RTU up to 48-port? Only enable 12-port for use at the beginning, the rest disabled?
A: No. The base models will come with all 24/48-ports enabled and supporting up to 1G. Then you can choose to upgrade the performance for every 12-ports to 2.5G, 5G or 10G.

Q: Is the license a one-time fee or is it subscription-based with yearly fee?
A: RTU is a one-time fee.

Q: Will the RTU model be software-specific function?
A: No. RTU is about the option to unlock performance as your needs grow by adding a license.
You can start with a smaller investment as your needs are smaller, and then adding performance with a license as your needs change.

Q: Is there any advantage in maintenance costs?
A: Maintenance costs are related only to the hardware frame, not to the RTU license.

Q: Is this feature available on previous devices?
A: No. Today only available on our new S5732-H Multi GE Switches and our new Access Points.

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