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TN54HUNQ2 Tunable

TN54HUNQ2 Tunable

PN: 03030RTQ
80 100 1

Huawei OSN8800 4-ports 10G Universal Line Service Processing Board with 800 ps/nm-C Band-Tunable Wavelength-NRZ-PIN-XFP

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Huawei WDM-OTN Equipment Test Procedure

In this topic, we take Huawei OSN 8800 as example to show you how to test the WDM/OTN equipment (Huawei OSN 6800 etc)


4 x 10G Universal Line Service Processing Board

HUNQ2 is a hybrid line board and supports a mixture of OTN, SDH, and packet services, can also receive and transmit only one or two of the three services

HUNQ2 board supports the following service conversions:

OTN: 32 x ODU0/16 x ODU1/32 x ODUflex/4 x ODU2<->4 x OTU2, 4 x ODU2e<->4 x OTU2e

SDH: 16 x STM-16/4 x STM64<->4 x OTU2, and packets<->4 x OTU2.

Packets: A maximum of 40 Gbit/s packets<->32 x ODU0/32 x ODUflex/16 x ODU1/4 x ODU2<->4 x OTU2

Supports OTU2/OTU2e on the WDM side.

Supports the OTN frame format and overhead processing defined in ITU-T G.709.

OTU2 layer: supports the SM function.

ODUk (k=0, 1, 2, flex) layer: supports the PM and TCM function, and PM and TCM non-intrusive monitoring functions.

Supports ODUk SNCP.

Supports intra-board 1+1 protection (when working with the OLP/DCP/QCP board).

Supports ODUk SPRing protection.

When the grooming granularity is ODUflex, SPRing protection is not supported.

ODUk SNCP and ODUk SPRing protection are not supported when SDH or packet services are cross-connected from the backplane.

Supports DWDM specifications.

Supports tunable wavelength optical modules that provide for 80 wavelengths tunable in the C band with 50 GHz channel spacing.

Supports the PRBS function on the WDM side.

Supports ITU-T G.709-compliant forward error correction (FEC) on the WDM side.

Supports ITU-T G.975.1-compliant AFEC-2 on the WDM side.

Regeneration board: TN12ND2, TN52ND2, TN53ND2, TN55NO2, TN53NQ2, TN54NQ2

Supports ODU0/ODU1/ODUflex loopbacks and WDM-side port loopbacks.

Supports Test frame

Supports clock synchronization of WDM-side OTU2 ports.

Supports clock synchronization of WDM-side OTU2 ports.

Supports ESC, Optical-layer ASON, Electrical-layer ASON


TN54HUNQ2 is a 4 x 10G universal line service processing board applied to Huawei OSN8800 T32 and T16, receive and transmit a mixture of OTN, SDH, and packet services.

TN54HUNQ2 equipped with four pieces WDM-Side pluggable optical module of 800 ps/nm-C Band-Tunable Wavelength-NRZ-PIN-XFP, if you need other specification modules, please contact contact [email protected] before purchase.


Tech Specs
Front Panel

The front panel of TN54HUNQ2 has indicators and interfaces.

HUNQ2 Front Panel

Valid Slot

OptiX OSN 8800 T32 subrack: IU1-IU7, IU12-IU18, IU20-IU26, IU29-IU35

OptiX OSN 8800 T16 subrack:IU1-IU7, IU11-IU17

WDM-side pluggable optical module specifications (tunable wavelengths)
Parameter Value
Optical Module Type 800 ps/nm-C Band-Tunable Wavelength-NRZ-PIN-XFP
Line code format NRZ
Transmitter parameter specifications at point S
Maximum mean launched power(dBm) 2
Minimum mean launched power(dBm) -1
Minimum extinction ratio(dB) 10
Center frequency(THz) 192.10 to 196.05
Center frequency deviation(GHz) ±5
Maximum -20 dB spectral width(nm) 0.3
Minimum side mode suppression ratio(dB) 35
Dispersion tolerance(ps/nm) 800
Receiver parameter specifications at point R
Receiver type PIN
Operating wavelength range(nm) 1250 to 1600
Receiver sensitivity, EOL(FEC on)(dBm) -16
Minimum receiver overload(dBm) 0
Maximum reflectance(dB) -27
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions(mm) 264.6(H) x 50.8(W) x 220(D)
Weight(kg) 1.8



Q: What is the difference between HUNQ2 and common NQ2?

A: HUNQ2 is a hybrid line board and supports a mixture of SDH, packet and OTN line services, while common NQ2 just supports OTN line service.


Q: What hardware versions are available for HUNQ2?

A: HUNQ2 is only available for TN54.


Q: Can I use HUNQ2 on OSN6800?

A: No, you cannot, it is only supported on general/enhanced OSN8800 T32 and OSN8800 T16 subrack.


When SDH or packet services are configured, the board can be used only in an independent subrack, but not in a master or slave subrack.

When OTN services are configured, the board can be used in an independent subrack, or a master subrack.


Q: Is there any software version limitation if I use HUNQ2 general/enhanced OSN8800 T32 and OSN8800 T16?

A: Yes, the initial version that support HUNQ2 is V100R008C00.


Q: Why my HUNQ2 only can realize OTN and SDH service, but cannot realize packet service on OSN8800 enhanced T32?

A:  Please check your main control board and cross-connect board type because HUNQ2 has match relationship with these boards. And the most important is that whether you have packet license or not.

Depending on the services provisioned, there are different requirements, as described in the following table.


SDH/packet service license for universal line boards

Cross-Connect Board



  • T32 general/enhanced subrack: TN52UXCH/TN52UXCM/TN52XCM/TN52XCH
  • T16 subrack: TN16XCH/TN16UXCM



  • T32 general/enhanced subrack: TN52UXCH/TN52UXCM
  • T16 subrack: TN16UXCM



  • T32 general/enhanced subrack: TN52UXCH/TN52UXCM/TN52XCM/TN52XCH
  • T16 subrack: TN16UXCM

Note: For a general or enhanced OSN 8800 T32 subrack, the SCC board must be TN52SCC.


Q: Why HUNQ2 does not support SDH ASON on OSN8800 T6 subrack?

A, HUNQ2 only supports SDH ASON when being installed in general/enhanced OSN8800 T32 subrack.


Q: I installed HUNQ2 in slot IU1 and IU2 on OSN8800 T32, but why does it show IU1 on my U2000?

A: The rear connectors of the HUNQ2 board are designed to connect to the backplane through the left slot of the two slots that hold the board. Therefore, the slot ID of the board displayed on the U2000 is the ID of the left slot. For example, when the HUNQ2 board is installed in slots IU1 and IU2, the slot ID of the HUNQ2 board displayed on the U2000 is IU1.


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  1. Spain
    We got 3pcs really very hard, recommend me normal TN53NQ2, but my customer didn't accept since it only support OTN, cannot support package and SDH service, thanks god we finally got TN54HUNQ2.
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