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TN55TTX(10G 10km SFP+)

TN55TTX(10G 10km SFP+)

PN: 03022NDK
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Huawei OSN8800 10x10G Tributary Service Processing Board With 10PCS 10G-10km-SFP+ Client-Side Pluggable Modules
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Huawei WDM-OTN Equipment Test Procedure

In this topic, we take Huawei OSN 8800 as example to show you how to test the WDM/OTN equipment (Huawei OSN 6800 etc)


10x10G tributary service processing board on Huawei OSN8800.

Equipped with 10PCS 10G-10km-SFP+ client-side pluggable modules.Can substitute for TN54TTX without software upgrade.

Converts signals as follow:

10 x 10GE WAN/10GE LAN/STM-64/OC-192/OTU2/FC800<->10 x ODU2.

10 x FC1200/10GE LAN/OTU2e<->10 x ODU2e.

10 x FC800/10GE LAN<->10 x ODUflex.

10GE LAN: Ethernet service at a rate of 10.31 Gbit/s.

10GE WAN: Ethernet service at a rate of 9.95 Gbit/s.

STM-64/OC-192: SDH/SONET service at a rate of 9.95 Gbit/s.

OTU2: OTN service at a rate of 10.71 Gbit/s

OTU2e: OTN service at a rate of 11.1 Gbit/s.

FC800: SAN service at a rate of 8.5 Gbit/s.

FC1200: SAN service at a rate of 10.51 Gbit/s.

Supports cross-connection of ten channels of ODU2/ODU2e/ODUflex signals.

Supports the OTN frame format and overhead processing by referring to ITU-T G.709. 

Supported when client-side service type is OTU2 or OTU2e.

Supports PRBS function on the client side.

Supports LPT function only when the client-side service type is 10GE LAN.

Supports ITU-T G.709-compliant forward error correction (FEC) on client side, only when the service type is OTU2/OTU2e.

Supports ALS function on the client side when client services are non-OTN services.

Supports Electrical-layer ASON.

Supports client 1+1 protection.

Supports ODUk SNCP.

Supports tributary ODUk SNCP protection.

Ethernet service mapping mode: Bit Transparent Mapping (11.1G), MAC Transparent Mapping (10.7 G).

Supports port MTU, value ranges from 1518 to 9600, in bytes.

TN55TTX is a 10x10G OTN tributary board applied to Huawei OSN8800, converts between ten channels of 10GE LAN/10GE WAN/STM-64/OC-192/OTU2/OTU2e/FC800/FC1200 optical signals and ten channels of ODU2/ODU2e/ODUflex electrical signals through cross-connection, and can work with NS4 board to perform 10x10G to 1x100G. TTX has functional versions of TN54 and TN55 with different features supported, TN55TTX can substitute for TN54TTX without any software upgrade.

TN55TTX is equipped with 10PCS 10G-10km-SFP+, you can choose other module specification at the available option or contact [email protected] before purchase.

Tech Specs
Front Panel

There are indicators and interfaces on the front panel of the TTX board.

Valid Slot

Enhanced OptiX OSN 8800 T64 subrack: IU1-IU8, IU11-IU42, IU45-IU68.

Enhanced OptiX OSN 8800 T32 subrack: IU1-IU8, IU12-IU27, IU29-IU36. 

OptiX OSN 8800 T16 subrack: IU1-IU8, IU11-IU18.

Client-Side Pluggable Optical Module Supported
10 Gbit/s Multirate-10 km-SFP+

10 Gbit/s Multirate-40 km-SFP+

10 Gbit/s Multirate-80 km-SFP+





11.3 Gbit/s Multirate-TX1270/RX1330nm-10km-SFP+

11.3 Gbit/s Multirate-TX1330/RX1270nm-10km-SFP+

Equipped client-side pluggable optical module specifications 
Parameter Value
Optical Module Type 10G BASE-LR-10km-SFP+
Optical interface service rate 10.3125
Optical source type SLM
Line code format NRZ
Target transmission distance(km) 10
Transmitter parameter specifications at point S
Operating wavelength range(nm) 1260 to 1355
Maximum mean launched power(dBm) 0.5
Minimum mean launched power(dBm) -8.2
Minimum extinction ratio(dB) 3.5
Output optical power in case of laser shutdown(dBm) ≤-30
Eye pattern mask IEEE802.3z –compliant
Receiver parameter specifications at point R
Receiver type PIN
Operating wavelength range(nm) 1260 to 1355
Receiver sensitivity(dBm) -12.6(OMA)
Minimum receiver overload(dBm) 0.5
Maximum reflectance(dB) -12
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions(mm) 25.4(W) x 220(D) x 264.6(H)
Weight(kg) 1.2

Q: Can I use TN55TTX on General OSN8800 T32 subrack?

A: No, TN55TTX only can be applied to Enhanced 8800 T64, Enhanced 8800 T32 and 8800 T16 Subrack.


Q: Why TN55TTX still cannot work on my enhanced OSN8800 T32?

A: Please check your the cross-connect board type plugged into your device:

1, For enhanced OSN 8800 T64 subrack, TTX must work with cross-connect board TNK2USXH+TNK2UXCT.

2, For enhanced OSN 8800 T32 subrack, TTX must work with the TN52UXCH or TN52UXCM.

3, For OSN 8800 T16 subrack, TTX must work with the TN16UXCM.


Q: What is the initial version that OSN8800 can support TN55TTX?

A: It is V100R009C00SPC100, or later version can support.


Q: Why my U2000 NMS cannot recognize TT55TTX?

A: U2000 NMS and OSN8800 device software version need match with each other. Maybe your U2000 version is old.

Product Name

OSN 8800


U2000 Web LCT


Matched Version














Q: How many hardware version does TTX have? 

A: TTX is available in two functional versions, namely, TN54 and TN55. The mapping between the board and equipment as below:

Board Initial Version General 8800 T64 Subrack Enhanced 8800 T64 Subrack General 8800 T32 Subrack Enhanced 8800 T32 Subrack 8800 T16 Subrack 8800 Universal Platform Subrack 6800 Subrack 3800 Chassis
TN54TTX V100R007C02 N Y N Y Y N N N
TN55TTX V100R009C00SPC100 N Y N Y Y N N N


Q: What are the differences of different hardware versions?



Board Client-side 10GE LAN, MAC Transparent Mapping (10.7 G) Client-side Optical Module ODUflex Cross-Connet Granularity IEEE 1588v2



Single-Fiber Bidirectional Optical Module 10 Gbit/s Multirate-80 km-SFP+



Board Client-Side Fixed Optical Module Client-Side Pluggable Optical Module
TN54TTX N/A 10 Gbit/s Multirate-10 km-SFP+
10 Gbit/s Multirate-40 km-SFP+
10G BASE-ZR-80 km-SFP+
10G BASE-ER/EW-40 km-SFP+
10G BASE-SR-0.3 km-SFP+
10G BASE-LR-10 km-SFP+
TN55TTX N/A 10 Gbit/s Multirate-10 km-SFP+
10 Gbit/s Multirate-40 km-SFP+
10 Gbit/s Multirate-80 km-SFP+
11.3 Gbit/s Multirate-TX1270/RX1330nm-10km-SFP+
11.3 Gbit/s Multirate-TX1330/RX1270nm-10km-SFP+


Q: What is the board substitution relation among different versions?

A: The TN54TTX can substitute for the TN55TTX.


Q: What is the difference between different feature code? 

A: TN54TTX have only one feature code 01.


Q: Can I return/exchange board if not compatible with my system?

A: Yes, please tell our sales team your system and main control board version, before purchase.


Q: The board is new or refurbished? 

A: Yes, it is original new, not been used.


Q: What is the lead time for TN54TTX board? 

A: In normal condition is 5 days, better to confirm with our sales team before your purchase.

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  1. Algeria
    Get to know Thunder-link via a friend, a reliable partner, we received TTX very fast with test report.
  2. Cape Verde
    We have two TTX, one is TN54 version ordered from Huawei long time ago; the other is TN55 from you. Do they have difference from port mapping function, why we cannot configure MAC transparent mapping successfully on the port of TN54TTX?
  3. Angola
    100% supplied a TN55TTX for me, it used on OptiX OSN 8800 T32 subrack, is there any requirement for cross-connect board?
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