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PN: 02311BHJ

NE20E-S2 series DC Power Supply System

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Hardware Tested

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In order to avoid hardware malfunction, each equipment will be strictly tested before delivery and the test report will be packed inside equipment and delivered together. Learn More

Hardware Compatibility

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Backed up by our experienced pre-sales support team, and volume documentation, to avoid purchasing incompatible hardware.

Software Compatibility

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Software compatibility test between active/standby system board, main control board and service board, mother/sub-card; system commissioning test to prevent all software conflicts.

Huawei ME60 System Test Procedure

To ensure Huawei router system we provided works well and customers can plug and play, hardware functionality, main control board version consistency, mother board and daughter board compatibility, all these clause will be tested by, befo

How to Upgrade Huawei ME60 Series Router

This article provides instructions and detailed procedures on how to upgrade the ME60 series router



Huawei NE20E-S2 Series DC Power Supply System

Typical power consumption: 13 W


PSUF-DC (CR5B2PWRDC00) is a DC power supply system, applied to NE20E-S2E and NE20E-S2F. PSUF-DC part number is 02311BHJ. The NE20E-S2E and NE20E-S2F use two power supply modules, which work in 1+1 backup mode, for power supply.

Tech Specs
Technical Specifications
Dimensions (H x D x W) 19.8mm x 211.8mm x 96.5mm (0.77 in. x 8.33 in. x 3.79 in.)
Weight 0.4 kg (0.88 lb)
Rated DC input voltage -48V/-60V DC
DC input voltage range -40V to -72V DC
Maximum current 10.5 A
Circuit breaker of each channel 32 A
Typical power consumption 13 W



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