How to Connect RPS1800 to A Huawei Switch

We always notice that word of “RPS” in Huawei switch datasheet, such as S5720-28X-LI, it supports RPS, which means that this switch can connect with a RPS1800 to work normally when its internal power module fails. This article will mainly introduce how to connect RPS supported switch with the RPS1800.



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RPS1800 brief introduction

RPS1800 is a redundant power supply that ensures seamless failover if the internal power module of a switch fails. The RPS1800 can detect the failure of the internal power module on a connected switch and immediately supply power to this switch. The switch can continue operating without a restart, RPS1800 can connect to a maximum of six switches.


Firstly, we should prepare tools and accessories like ESD gloves, screwdriver, RPS cable and RPS AC power cable.


Appearance of RPS cable

RPS1800 cable

Appearance of RPS AC power cable

RPS1800 AC cable

You can see the AC power cable of RPS1800 is same as common cable we used in PC TV, but its connector is different.

Operations of connect RPS1800 and switch

1, Wear the ESD gloves, and connect RPS cable to RPS1800.

A, Insert one end of the RPS cable into an output port on the RPS1800 according to the networking plan. Ensure that the top side of the plug (marked “TOP”) faces up.

B, Tighten the captive screws on the plug.


2, Connect the RPS cable to a switch.

A, Insert the other end of the RPS cable to the RPS input port at the rear of the switch. Ensure that the top side of the plug (marked “TOP”) faces up.

B, Tighten the captive screws on the plug

3, Connect the RPS1800 power cable to the RPS1800


4, Connect the RPS1800 power cable to an external power supply system.

Same external power supply


For Huawei Switch, there is fixed power switch like most models of S1700 S2700 S3700 series, and power module pluggable switch like most models of S6720 series, so RPS1800 is a saviour if switch internal power doesn’t work. But for power pluggable switch model, you can also prepare an additional power module to backup, which is another RPS1800 substitution solution.

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