ET1D2C02FEE0 can’t been recognized by low version S9712

If anyone ever met this situation: A new purchased 100G service board EH1D2C02FEE0, installed in existing Huawei S9712 chassis for expansion, but cannot been recognized, alarm as below:


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“””The LPU chassis[1] board[12]’s reset time is 1 in total. Detailed information:
—  1. 2019/01/10   17:38:00, Reset No.: 1
Reason: Power off for board type mismatch””

Meanwhile, checking the system status shows the board normal registered, but sooner turns to “Unregistered”, and the power status is off.


Checking the system firmware, shows S9700 V2R10


Huawei S9700 Switch.jpg

And through the diagnose information, it was found that actually was a ET1D2C02FEE0 board, which should apply for S12700 platform


According to the datasheet, service boards in S12700 are compatible on S9700 platform in theoretically, the reason for unregistered is the firmware version on S9700 V2R10 is too low (year 2016). After upgrading the system to V2R12 version, the board ET1D2C02FEE0 can be registered and work normally.

In the future when we meet such similar situation again, we should check the version of boards if compatible with firmware version of systems, then the problem will be solved easily.

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